Posted by: dafster | June 12, 2012

E3 Round up

Well, E3 is all over and as usual, a lot of things happened! I haven’t posted here in a little while as I’ve been busy uploading YouTube videos all to do with E3 related things. If you’d like to see those videos then check out my YouTube channel here,  but for now I’m going to talk about all the coolest stuff that happened.

First of all, the best thing that happened. I’d really have to say Rayman Legends. Being a sequel to Rayman Origins, Ubisoft has brought back that platforming awesomeness that was present from ‘Origins  and have put it with many other new features (some of which are exclusive to Wii U) to make an overall EPIC platformer which is evident in the Best Platformer of E3 2012 award it won from IGN (Yes, it even out did New Super Mario Bros 2 and Super Mario Bros U!). Some of the many exciting Wii U features in this game include the ablility to control Murfy (the Green-bottle that appeared in the original Rayman games) on the gamepad’s touch screen to help the other players advance through the level. In an early trailer for the game we also saw that you’ll be able to put models of characters from other Ubisoft games on the gamepad and they will then appear in the game!

My favourite feature of the game was a rock music level in which Rayman ran through the level with jumps and slaps in time to the music in the background which, by the way, was a rock remix of a tune from Origins.

All of these new styles of gameplay are just epic, so it’s best you see a video of the game in action. I have posted the E3 demo video of the game in a previous post so just scroll down a bit to see it.

The next game you’d probably like to hear about is Sonic & All Stars Racing: Transformed. Of course, SEGA doesn’t have a presentation, so we’re provided with a little less info, but they still had a booth so we have a BIT of info.

SEGA has now officially confirmed that it will also be released on the Wii U and they have also recently provided us with some concept art…

There are so many other games that got me excited as well including Scribblenauts: Unlimited  and Kingdom Hearts: 3D, there’s just so much to talk about that you can be guaranteed that I’ll be talking more about it in weeks to come! If you’d like a full list of games for Wii U and 3DS, then check out Nintendo’s official E3 site here!

What were your favourite things from E3?


Oh, one last thing. Something that wasn’t mentioned was Super Smash Bros for the 3DS. Recently I’ve been to EB Games to find a display cover for the game saying that it’s coming around November or December this year!

Source(s): The Sonic Show, Nintendo All-Access @ E3 2012


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