Posted by: dafster | June 17, 2012

New Upcoming Zelda game & Sonic news!

I’ll save the best info until last, first, here’s some quick Sonic news…

  • Sonic 4: Episodes 1 & 2 soundtrack CDs have been planned to be released on the 1st of August in Japan and presumably on a date close to that to the rest of the world. (No comment.)
  • Sonic Blast is now available on the 3DS Nintendo eShop in Europe and Australia (Yes, for once Australia got something Sonic related before America did. When was the last time that happened? When they built SEGA world in Sydney? Come to think of it, America never got a SEGA world, Europe did though. Unfortunatelly they knocked both of them down though.)
  • Another trailer for the Sonic fan-movie has been released!

    Wow, this almost looks official! Check out the CGI quality of those robots!

Now to the big news…a new Zelda game!

Many of you may of heard about how Nintendo have said that an HD remake of The Legend of Zelda: Majora’s Mask isn’t impossible if enough people want it, well now they have decided for certain that they are going to make it!…Well, not quite. They have decided for certain that they are going to make a new Zelda game, but they have a few choices that they need to decide against. The first one is an HD remake of A Link to the Past. This was considered by many fans to be the best 2D Zelda game and would please many fans if it was remade in HD. You can see a fan-made intro of what the intro to the game would be like in HD here…

And here’s a trailer made by some third party game developers for the HD remake of Majora’s Mask (This isn’t official either, but it certainly looks like it!)

Nintendo’s other choice is a sequel to A Link to the Past. No videos have been made for this yet, but now that Nintendo have put it out there that they might be making a sequel, it’s quite likely that someone will make a fan-trailer.

Which of these do you want? Cast your vote in IGN’s video!


Source(s): The Sonic Stadium, IGN


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