Posted by: dafster | September 8, 2010

Nitrome shop, now officially opened!

So, you thought this blog was ONLY about Poptropica? Well notice that it’s called Poptropica Walkthroughs AND MORE! So, what I wanted to tell you here was that the Nitrome shop is officially open! In there you can buy Nitrome soundtracks, Superfeed me for the iPod touch/iPhone (when it’s released sometime this year) and extra content for games like Twin shot 2 and BC bow contest! Well, the only real new thing there is the music. But where’s Off the rails? Anyway, go to visit the online store!


  1. hey, Its Nat! … Cool website 🙂 … What do you use it for??

    ❤ nat

  2. It’s a blog that I write for walkthroughs and stuff about games I play, believe me, people are always looking up that stuff, in other words, it’s a gaming blog, and by the way, how did you find this website?

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