Posted by: dafster | May 18, 2012

Sonic 4 episode 2 OUT NOW! Plus, Rayman Origins 3DS Demo!

If you’re the type to look down the right side of this blog then you will have noticed in the countdown section that Sonic 4 episode 2 is out now! It’s currently out for the PlayStation Network, Xbox Live Arcade, PC and iOS. It’ll be released soon for all Android devices with Tegra 3 enabled next month and Windows phone in July as well! Oh yes, we also got a launch trailer…

Another thing that only happened today (well, as I’m posting this) is the release of a demo for Rayman Origins on the 3DS, which can be downloaded via the 3DS’ Nintendo eShop! In it are three levels: Swinging Caves which is a normal “run through and collect the lums” level set in the Jibberish Jungle, Playing in the Shade which is a tricky treasure level (trust me, it’s not called tricky for nothing!) set in the Ticklish Temple and a level called Shooting Me Softly which is a Mosquito shooting level set in between the Desert of the dijiridoos and the Gourmand Lands. Overall, the game seems like it’s taken directly from the console version with little adjustments for the 3DS other than it being in 3D and the bottom screen showing where abouts you are in the level. I do think that Ubisoft should add some feature to the game that’s unique to the 3DS, (on the PS Vita you could tap an enemy to pop them) but that said, the game’s already amazing, so just think of it as it’s own game instead of a rip from it’s home console versions. The only other thing is the sound quality, you really notice the difference between this demo and any other 3DS software’s sound, it sounds like the type of sound you’d hear from a regular DS game. It’s almost as if Ubisoft haven’t realised that the 3DS is capable of better sound quality. Give it a try anyway, the 3D gives a great effect with the unique art style and you can see why it has been chosen for the system.

The entire game releases in early June, so keep an eye out for it!

The only other news for now is that tickets for this year’s Summer of Sonic convention went on sale and sold out in 3 minutes! But fear not, if you’d like a ticket then a second wave of tickets will be sold shortly, not exactly sure when, but remember to regularly check back on the official site here! (And yes, Crush 40 will be performing at the convention again this year!)



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