Posted by: dafster | March 4, 2012

Ring shooters, floating platforms…AND RAYMAN ORIGINS PC DEMO!

In this round of concept art friday we get…


Cool, imagine standing on top of one of those? You’d unlock the special stage in a flash! Well, I guess it depends on how many rings it shoots out…
We’ve also got…


C’mon, that’s not even exciting…I think SEGA are running out of concept art to show…or at least INTERESTING concept art.

On a more exciting note, Ubisoft have just released a demo for Rayman Origins on PC! You can download it via “Steam”.

The demo contains 3 levels of Rayman Origins, and an unlockable trailer for the full game once you complete these levels. You can play as Rayman, Globox or one of two Teensies, and if you collect nine Protoons then you can unlock a Globox-coloured Rayman! You really notice how good the game looks when playing it on PC, I must say!

That’s all for now.


Source(s): Official SEGA Blog, Steam


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