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Blue Blur News – 18th of November

This week, “Sonic & All-Stars Racing: Transformed” was released! The “Sonic Classic Collection” is said to arrive on PSN next week and we finally get a PC version of a certain Sonic game that you likely have been waiting for…


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Blue Blur News: November 11

This week, some Sonic merchandise has become available on eBay, with all funds going towards a fundraiser for the Burnham Area Rescue Boat.A new trailer for “Sonic & All-stars Racing: Transformed” has been uploaded by Sega, focusing on the Wii U version of the game. “Sonic & All-stars Racing: Transformed” for the 3DS and PS Vita is delayed to December in Europe and Australia and soundtracks for “Sonic the Hedgehog (2006)” and “Sonic unleashed” were released on iTunes.The English version of “The History of Sonic” book is confirmed to be released at Christmas and a recent interview officially confirms that there will be a boxed Sonic game in 2013 as well as a few digital titles and last but not least, some acievements were leaked for the upcoming “Sonic the Fighters” remake.

Links: Sonic merchandise charity fundraiser:

Sonic Generations Press kit

15th anniversary Retro Sonic T-Shirt

Gold ring

“Sonic & All-stars Racing: Transformed” Wii U trailer

Other links:

“History of Sonic” (English) book on Amazon

SEGA merchandise interview

“Sonic the Fighters” Acievements

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Blue Blur News: November 4th

This week, two new trailers were released for “Sonic & All-Stars racing: Transformed”. One of them is about “Danica patrick” and the other is about “Wreck-it Ralph”. Also, it has been confirmed that the Sonic balloon from last years “Macy’s Thankgiving Day Parade” will return!


Links: Click here to see”Danica Patrick” in the “Sonic & All-stars racing: Transformed” TV commercial

Click here to see “Wreck-it Ralph” in a new “Sonic & All-stars Racing: Transformed” Trailer.

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Blue Blur News: October 28th

Happy 12th birthday to “The Sonic Stadium”! This episode, I show some short footage of “Sonic & All-stars Racing: Transformed” for 3DS and talk about some news revealed of World Tour Mode in this game. I also discuss a games expo in Paris and some Sonic art signed by Yuji Uekawa.

Credit goes to “The Sonic Show” for the “Sonic & All-stars Racing: Transformed” footage (though technically it’s from a recent “Nintendo Direct”, so also credit to Nintendo)

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Blue Blur News: October 21 and “Oppa Robotnik Style!”

Sonic’s latest iPhone game: “Sonic Jump” has just been released and the rumour of “Sonic: The Fighters” coming to XBLA and PSN has been officially confirmed! This week, I also give news of achievements being shown for “Sonic & All-stars Racing: Transformed” as well as a few other small bits of info on that game and more details on “Sonic: The Fighters”. Lastly, Sonic makes a cameo appearance in a “Wreck-it Ralph” voice actor featurette and is said to make many more cameos in a recent preview for the movie!

Links: “Sonic Jump” launch trailer:
“Sonic & All-stars Racing: Transformed” Achievements list:
“SEGA Model 2 Collection” trailer with “Sonic: The Fighters”:

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I also should mention a recent YouTube video I’ve uploaded called “Oppa Robotnik Style”. In case the title hasn’t given it away already, it’s a remix of “Gangnam Style” by PSY, except with Robotnik one-liners. The remix was originally made by YouTube user: “Shadowtheglitchhog”, but all of the visuals in the version I’ve uploaded, I’ve added myself, with cutscenes from “Sonic Adventure DX” and a surprise at the end. I hope you enjoy!


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Blue Blur News: October 14

This week, even more news is revealed about Sonic & All-stars Racing: Transformed, especially the 3DS version. We get a new trailer and screenshots for the game which include the fastest female racer: Danica Patrick! I also talk about a rumour to do with “Sonic: The Fighters” coming the XBLA – a cameo of this game is also featured in a new Wreck it Ralph trailer!

S&ASR:T iOS “Pocket Gamer” Article
New “Wreck-it Ralph” Trailer with “Sonic: The Fighters”
New S&ASR:T Trailer and screenshots with Danica Patrick

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Blue Blur News – 7th of October

Sonic Adventure 2 HD has been released for both Xbox Live Arcade and the PlayStation Network! 😀 Still no exact release date for the PC version yet except for “in months to come”.

Also, some more Sonic & All-stars Racing: Transformed news is revealed and I give a preview of my experience with the game’s demo at the EB Games Expo 2012!

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Also, keep an eye out on my YouTube channel as I am uploading videos of the EB Games Expo! Once I’ve uploaded everything I recorded, I’ll post the videos here, but to watch the videos straight after I upload them, go to my YouTube channel, here!


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Blue Blur News – 30th of September

This week, a Japanese trailer for “Sonic Adventure 2 HD” was released as well as some soundtrack previews of “Sonic & All-Stars Racing: Transformed”. Release dates were provided for SA2HD in Europe, some SA2HD inspired XBLA avatar clothing items have been shown, some more screenshots for the game have been released and some Wii U S&ASR:T frame rate issues have been addressed.

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I’m still working on getting Blue Blur News in higher quality, but anyhow, here is this week’s episode:

As I mentioned in the video, I am unable to do Saturday’s live-streams (Sonic Unleashed and Good Game: SP) this week because I will be at the EB Games Expo (notice the countdown on the sidebar to the right!) but I’ll still be able to make Blue Blur News on Sunday! 🙂 I’m also going to make a video about the EB Games Expo, so keep an eye out for that!


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Blue Blur News – 23rd of September

This week in Blue Blur News, some more “Wreck-it Ralph” posters are released, two of which show Sonic characters! The exact release date and price for “Sonic Adventure 2 HD” is also announced  and we find out a lot more about “Sonic & All-stars Racing: Transformed”!


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Blue Blur News: 16th of September


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