Posted by: dafster | October 25, 2012

Blue Blur News: October 21 and “Oppa Robotnik Style!”

Sonic’s latest iPhone game: “Sonic Jump” has just been released and the rumour of “Sonic: The Fighters” coming to XBLA and PSN has been officially confirmed! This week, I also give news of achievements being shown for “Sonic & All-stars Racing: Transformed” as well as a few other small bits of info on that game and more details on “Sonic: The Fighters”. Lastly, Sonic makes a cameo appearance in a “Wreck-it Ralph” voice actor featurette and is said to make many more cameos in a recent preview for the movie!

Links: “Sonic Jump” launch trailer:
“Sonic & All-stars Racing: Transformed” Achievements list:
“SEGA Model 2 Collection” trailer with “Sonic: The Fighters”:

Watch “Blue Blur News” LIVE, every Sunday at 9:00pm – 9:15 (Sydney, Australia time) at

I also should mention a recent YouTube video I’ve uploaded called “Oppa Robotnik Style”. In case the title hasn’t given it away already, it’s a remix of “Gangnam Style” by PSY, except with Robotnik one-liners. The remix was originally made by YouTube user: “Shadowtheglitchhog”, but all of the visuals in the version I’ve uploaded, I’ve added myself, with cutscenes from “Sonic Adventure DX” and a surprise at the end. I hope you enjoy!



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