Posted by: dafster | September 5, 2012

Zelda HD in 2014!

If you’re a Zelda fan like me, this post’s title probably got you very excited. But before I go into the main post, I’d like to mention something first: The E3 2011 Zelda demo was NOT “Zelda HD”. It was a video to show off the Wii U’s graphic capabilities and to show what an HD Zelda game could potentially look like. It was not, however, footage of a Zelda game in development. Now we get to the exciting stuff…

A source recently has provided some information that an HD Zelda game has been in development. This source is not official, but have been right about many previous rumours including the Wii U having a social network system (which turned out to be Mii-Verse).

Here are the points of information that the source talked about:

  • An HD Zelda game is planned to be released during 2014.
  • Nintendo originally wanted to release the game in 2013, but that isn’t possible .
  • The game has been in development ever since 2010.
  • The graphical style is NOT like the Zelda Wii U demo shown at E3 2011, but instead, similar to that of Skyward Sword, except with HD graphics.
  • Similar to GTA in terms of the size of the development team and amount of money spent on development.
  • Has nothing to do with the Zelda Wii U demo at E3 2011, as this isn’t even a game.
  • “Most ambitious” Zelda game to date, with dungeons larger than anything we’ve seen before.
  • It will have a new orchestral soundtrack.
  • It will have an online feature but unlikely to have online multiplayer, as there have been no Zelda games to have this (Zelda: Four Swords had multiplayer, but it was not online multiplayer)

And there you have it! As I said before, this rumour is highly likely to be true, as the source have been accurate with many previous Nintendo rumours.

Thoughts? Leave your comments below!



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