Posted by: dafster | July 7, 2012

Zelda: Skyward sword review

Before I review this, I’d just like to mention that the Summer of Sonic convention is on today!

Anyway, here’s the review…

The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword sets a new standard for video games of all platforms as a whole. It features wonderfully looking watercolour-like graphics, motion controls that actually work (and work WELL) and amazing gameplay design. If you know how critically acclaimed the previous Zelda games were, then saying that this is one of the best Zelda games so far is definetely a high benchmark.

Presentation: While many people complain about the Wii’s graphic incapablities,Skyward sword manages to create a unique style of graphics combining the water colour effect from wind waker with the more realistic graphics from twilight princess, to create a look much in the impressionism category.This really works and proves that you don’t need realistic graphics to be amazed by the look of a game. This would have to be the best graphic style in a Zelda game to date. There’s also a strong cast of characters that add a lot of depth.Even the supporting characters are ones that you won’t forget after you’ve completed the main game.While playing this you’ll realise that it is quite good at telling its story with movie-like cinematics, even without voice acting.This is simply one of the best storylines in a game ever to be made.

Gameplay: As amazing as the game looks, one of the best things in this game is the gameplay. In Zelda, motion controls work. Yes, it may be one of the only games on the planet where they do, but trust me, they work.This is evident in the fact that game only works with the latest Wii remotes – Wii Motion Plus. The exact way you move the remote is the exact way Link will move his sword. During combat, randomly slashing the remote around like crazy (or waggling as some may call it) isn’t going to work. Enemies block attacks from certain directions, so you often need to find an opening to get a slash on them.Not to mention, they also learn from your attacks. If you keep hitting them from a certain angle, they will block that angle, which may sound obvious, but it makes it seem a lot more realistic. To say that Wii motion plus changes the gameplay is a dramatic understatement. The dungeons on the other hand are a lot more balanced. They come after you’ve had a slightly more easier quest through the area in which the dungeon is located, solving some easier problems. Though when you get to the dungeon, they are as challenging as ever, one thing that many people who’ve played Zelda will know – the dungeons are hard – and that hasn’t changed.While sometimes I thought the dungeons were a little to hard, it feels so rewarding when you come out the other side, especially after defeating the dungeon’s boss. Nintendo manages to pack a truck-load of content into just a small area. While you will be backtracking a fair bit, this is for the better. You’ll never go back to the same dungeon again, though you’ll be discovering new areas within the area the dungeon is located.What’s more, areas that are right nearby where you were before will open up and surprise you in there huge size.But don’t worry, you’ll never be doing the same thing for a second time when revisiting a place.

Verdict: So thinking about what I said earlier about this being the greatest Zelda game ever made. The Zelda series are the most critically acclaimed games ever made and for this to be the best of that, is saying that it is also one of the best games ever made. Most of the best games to be made are all the retro classics like the original Mario, or Zelda: Ocarina of time. This would have to be one of the first games that is comparable to those classics. You might think that modern games are more powerful are better simply because they’re more powerful, but Nintendo prove once again that this is not the case. What many modern games lack is that classic feel you get where you get nostalgia every time you play it. You get that with Skyward Sword, even though it’s a modern game – it has flow. With top rank gameplay and some of the most arty graphics you’ll ever see in a 3D rendered game, this game is one that you have to play.It’s also the game that proves that non-traditional controls can work and change the way that we want to play games.

Final score: 9.5 If you ever thought that Zelda games were just ranked good for the heck of them being Nintendo, Skyward Sword will prove you wrong. You can see why IGN gave this a full 10/10. There is no denying that this game is brilliant.If you’ve never played Zelda, then buy this.Once again, it goes to show that Zelda is the best series in the entire gaming industry.

The Verdict

Presentation: 10

Graphics: 9/10

Sound: 9.5/10

Gampeplay: 9/10

Final Score: 9.5/10

I know this is a fairly late review, but I felt the need for reviewing it, as it’s honestly the best game on Wii!



  1. Great review, Dafster. I was late to get around to playing Skyward Sword too. I actually wasn’t even going to bother, but one of my coworkers at Dish kept insisting that I play it, so I tossed it in my Blockbuster @Home queue. I’m glad I listened to him. It’s much better than I expected. I wasn’t expecting it to be so long either, which makes me glad I don’t rent games from Redbox anymore. At a couple bucks a day, this game would have cost me more than my social life for a week and a half.

    • No problem, it was quite an amazing game!

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