Posted by: dafster | June 29, 2012

Google Glasses

Google is planning on releasing some glasses called Google Glasses (how original) which is based on Augmented reality. Anyone who has a 3DS will know what Augmented reality is, with all the awesome games you could play using your 3DS camera for example shooting a dragon that has emerged out of a hole from your kitchen bench. Google glasses on the other hand is one of those things that people take with them to work or when they’re out and about, a bit like all of those organisational¬†apps on iPhones. I’d go on explaining, but it will probably be easier for you to see for yourself here…

Personally I’m not the type to get into all of those organisational apps, though it still looks cool. What I think would make it better though is if they included games in it like the dragon shooting AR game on the 3DS. Another thing to consider is all these annoying messages getting in the way of your sight. No, Google Glasses may excite some, but people like me would much prefer some games installed on it.

As you can see, these utilities keep evolving quickly, especially with all of Apple products. But what’s really exciting is how games consoles are evolving. This is evident in how millions of people sit and watch the E3 (the largest annual games convention which occurs every year) to see all of the latest games and consoles. What gets a lot of people excited is anything that’s innovative. Personally what got me excited was the Wii U, a console that had a screen on the controller. As well as having the usual graphic improvements that new consoles always get, it had many exciting ideas for people who liked to play games. The controller will really change the way people will play games and for the better. Check out what I mean here…

More features of the Wii U were revealed at this years E3, but you get the general idea. The Wii U is planned to be released towards the end of this year. I know I have already mentioned the Wii U on many occasions, but I’m just showing some comparison between it and the Google Glasses.



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