Posted by: dafster | May 28, 2012

Sonic Monopoly officially announced!

You may have read a post I posted earlier this year about some listings on certain sites of a Sonic Monopoly game and a few other Sonic themed board games made by USAoply. Well now this has been officialy announced on the USAopoly Facebook page! We are provided with a picture of the box art as well as a description.

“Here is a sneak peek at a few Sonic The Hedgehog titles speeding their way to retail shelves in the near future, also be on the lookout for a new Sonic puzzle as well!” USAopoly

It’s quite likely that USAopoly will post more information about the games soon, so be sure to follow them on Facebook for the latest information!

In other news, coming up in less than two weeks now is E3! Some more information about Sonic & All Stars Racing: Transformed may be revealed! Also, if we’re lucky, maybe information on another new Sonic game? Probably not, but you never know…
E3 starts on the 5th of June at 12:00 PM and ends on the 7th of June at 5:00 PM, remember to keep checking back at the milestone section on the right-hand side of this blog, as I’ve put a “Countdown to E3” milestone there. Also check out a preview video for it…

Lastly, some quick news…

  • Sonic game found in a Nike advertisment on the official Nike Football YouTube page
  • Wave two of Summer of Sonic tickets have been set to be available on Friday 25th May at 18:00 BST and a third wave has been announced on a TBA date
  • Takashi Lizuka will be attending Summer of Sonic 2012 and will be hosting a Q&A session
  • Official Sonic merchandise website now allowing shipping to the USA


Source(s): The Sonic Stadium, E3 official website


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