Posted by: dafster | April 23, 2012

Good Game, Sonic, Kid Icarus, Colours…!

Right then, first things first, the latest episodes of Good Game SP…

In Episode 9 we get reviews for Angry Birds Space and Fibble: Flick ‘n’ Roll and Kinect Rush: A Disney Pixar Adventure, while in Episode 10 we get reviews for PokePark 2: Wonders Beyond and Kinect Star Wars. You may be wondering about where the Kid Icarus: Uprising review is, but if you watch Episode 9, then you’ll see that one of the questions in the Ask Good Game segment is if they’ll be doing a Kid Icarus: Uprising review and Bajo says that they’ll be doing one in Episode 11, so next time! Speaking of Kid Icarus, I’ve finished the game and will be writing a review on it the moment I get a chance, infact, if I do it before the end of week then I would’ve published a review on it before Good Game: SP! That’d be cool, but I can’t guarantee, that’s just what I’m aiming to do…

In non-Good Game related news, we take a look at the Sonic news…

  • Sonic 2 HD has been cancelled
  • Sonic CD, Unleashed & All-Stars Racing DLC: Discounted (PSN+ Only)
  • Mike Pollock says: “You might be able to see me soon. Stay tuned for a major announcement” in some comments on a YouTube video, check out an article on that here!
  • A Sonic 4: Ep 2 Beta was available on Steam, but has now been removed.

And that’s all the Sonic news for now, but to finish this short post I’d like to mention that a cool new app has been released on the 3DS’ Nintendo eShop called Colors. It’s a great drawing/painting program in which you can create some amazing pieces of art and then upload them to the gallery so other 3DS owners can see them, as well as people who don’t have a 3DS – who can view your art on the official Colors website. It also has some other awesome features, like being able to paint in 3D and to paint with friends. Check out my Colors gallery here!

Apologies for the short post and remember that I’ll try and write a Kid Icarus review as soon as I can!


Source(s): The Sonic Stadium , Good Game: Spawn Point, Colors


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