Posted by: dafster | April 14, 2012

The future of Sonic?! And Sonic Fan-games!

Recently, the guys over at Cheat Code Central had a chance to interview some SEGA representatives at the PAX East about the future of Sonic. The biggest news here is that Episode II may NOT end the the Sonic 4 saga! I’ll let you read the interview…

“I asked if Sonic would be remaining 2D in the future. I was told that 3D Sonic is a core part of the brand, but that SEGA is aware that fans want more 2D action. Further Sonic titles will probably continue to use the fusion of 3D and 2D gameplay. SEGA is also aware that Sonic fans want to see more old school conflict between Sonic and Robotnik. This means that we will see less of Sonic traveling through time, space, fantasy worlds, and other dimensions. All we need is just Sonic, his furry friends, and lots of evil robots.”

“Speaking of furry friends, SEGA also seems to have figured out that Sonic: The Hedgehog has reached a critical furry mass of supporting characters. The booth reps said that they want to shift the focus of Sonic games back onto Sonic himself. Although Tails was added to Sonic 4: Episode II, the focus still remains on Sonic and the Sonic-style gameplay. This holds true for mainstream titles as well. Sonic will always be the main character, and supporting characters will be slowly introduced as if the games are starting all over again.”

“The booth reps also said that SEGA is committed to delivering more classic Sonic games in the future. While they confirmed that there would be no DLC add-ons for Episode II, they did say that Episode II does not end the Sonic 4 story. Instead, they are taking Sonic games one at a time. If Episode II does well, Episode III will come out. After that, IV, and so on until they get to the point where they are ready to develop Sonic 5 (the rep speculated this wouldn’t be until after Sonic 4: Episode IV).”

Following up from that segment about the supporting characters being slowly introduced again, TSSZ has some news relating to that about the entire series being rebooted with brand new characters, though Sonic and Dr. Eggman will remain as enemies to each other. SEGA are going for a next  generation look to the series (without making it like ’06, don’t worry) but Sonic won’t look anymore “realistic” which is a good thing, because that just didn’t work in ’06. SEGA are also thinking of maybe making some games a bit like Spyro: Skylander’s Adventure where models of characters can be purchased and can somehow unlock extra content within the game. You can read the full TSSZ article here. Please note that these are still rumors.

Speaking of PAX, many interviews with Ken Balough were released about episode II, here’s one of them…

In other non-official news, quite a few Sonic games have been made/remixed by Sonic fans and let me tell you that these aren’t just some cheap looking games!

First of all, an HD remake of Sonic 2 is in the works. It’s looking real good plus the music’s remixed to sound more modern! There’s a demo available here, so you can play the first zone of it (I am aware that this demo did contain a keylogger, but that has now been removed)

Secondly, a brand new Sonic fan game is also in the making called “Sonic: After the Sequel”  which gives us a glimpse of what it would look like if another Sonic game was made in the ’90s.

Thirdly, (and I’m REALLY looking forward to this one) is a collection of all the Sonic Unleashed Daytime levels ported over to PC using the Sonic Generations physics engine! I have Unleashed on the Wii, but this version contains all of the daytime levels from the Xbox version, which is very different. Check out some of the levels here!

No release dates have been announced for these, other than Sonic: After the Sequel, which will be released during the S.A.G.E (Sonic Amateur games expo) sometime this year. The dates for this have not been announced yet, but I’ll let you know when they have.

But while you wait, you can play a Sonic fan game that’s already been released, here!  The Sonic franchise have some really awesome fans, hey?

Until next time, don’t forget to watch Good Game: Spawn Point tonight if you live in Australia, but if you don’t, you can always catch it on the official site, here.


Source(s): Cheat Code Central, Sonic Retro, TSSZ, The Sonic Stadium


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