Posted by: dafster | February 27, 2012

Sonic Board Games & Xbox Live Avatar items!

A US based board game company, USAopoly, have confirmed some Sonic based board games! These include

  • A Sonic Die cut puzzle game, valued at $14.99
  • A Sonic Memory game, also valued at $14.99
  • But the best of them all is a Sonic Branded Monopoly game, valued between $30-$40

All of these are expected to launch in August 2012. No images available yet.

But just think, a Sonic Monopoly game? That just might work, considering that of all the video games, Sonic has the most memorable & well known stages. Any ideas? Leave them in the comments.

Also, some Xbox Live Avatar items have been announced to be released with Sonic 4: Episode 2. While items based off Sonic himself were released with episode 1, this time they’re going to be based off Dr. Eggman! GET A LOAD OF THIS!*

Cool, hey?


*That’s a repetitive line which Eggman says in the final boss battle of Sonic’s story in Sonic Adventure ;D

Source(s): The Sonic StadiumYouTube, Xbox Hounds


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