Posted by: dafster | February 18, 2012

Concept art Friday + Facebook exclusive Concept art

Here’s the latest of the concept art…

This one looks as though it’s a kind of box…looks like Cubot from Sonic Colours to me, but probably isn’t…

SEGA also released some concept art on their Facebook page.

They call this one snowy. As you can see he’s robot, but he’s a bit too big to be a badnik, so he’s probably the boss at the end of the Snow Zone…cool boss, hey? I mean, Eggman’s based his robots on things like bugs (Egg viper, Egg Beatle etc) or himself, but never bears!

That’s all for this round, come back next week for more concept art! (But of course you can come back before then if you like)


Oh yes, I forgot to mention, SEGA are also offering the chance for you to ask the music composers of the Sonic games (Yes, Jun Senoue) questions about the music! They will then answer a few in the next post on the SEGA blog, though I’ll try posting them on this blog as well 🙂 Just go here!

Source(s): Sonic official Facebook page, SEGA blog


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