Posted by: dafster | January 16, 2012

Sonic Dimensions?!

There’s been a few rumors going on around the internet of a new Sonic game that Sega’s working on (No, I’m not talking about Sonic The Hedgehog 4: Episode II, though that’s already been confirmed). The site; TSSZ, seems to have a reliable source which they have used to find information about previous Sonic titles before their actual announcement and have often been quite accurate. If they’re right again about Sonic’s latest upcoming outing, then Nintendo’s upcoming console; the Wii U, may be seeing a new HD Sonic. I’ll just skip to the chase and tell you all the details about this likely game…

  • The name of the game is Sonic Dimensions
  • It is still a working title and hasn’t been officially announced, therefore, any information about it so far is unconfirmed
  • It is unknown whether it is a Wii U exclusive. If it isn’t, then it’s likely to appear on Xbox 360, PS3 and possibly even 3DS or Playstation Vita
  • The graphic’s quality is similar to Sonic Generations
  • Takes advantage of the Wii U controller
  • Will feature up the 4 person multiplayer
  • Takes place directly after Sonic Generations
  • Touchscreen used for certain controls like attacking enemies or activating powers
  • Gameplay will be similar to Sonic Colours
  • Story involves another time-space shift created by Eggman (most likely due to the fact of him trying to escape the white space at the end of Generations)
  • This alters Sonic, all of his friends and foes, as well as the world itself
  • Sonic splits into 5 different hedgehogs – each with a different colour and personality
  • The main Sonic remains blue and acts as a re-uniting “ghost”
  • Red Sonic causes explosions to open new areas; has slow speed and a short jump
  • Purple Sonic can move platforms and float and has a dark attitude similar to Shadow the Hedgehog
  • Orange Sonic is similar to Big the Cat and is slower than red Sonic
  • Yellow Sonic is the fastest of all the Sonics, but takes damage more easily
  • White Sonic appears as an option to play as after the player dies a set amount of times, while this Sonic may be easier, it will guarantee that you’ll get the lowest rank at the end of each level, despite your time/rings
  • Sonic can only use two personalities per stage
  • Possibly in final level(s) all the Sonics may combine and turn into what would be equivalent to Super Sonic (Similar to when Sonic combined all of his colour powers in Sonic Colours)
  • Levels are more surreal
  • The music plant from Sonic adventure 2 will be in the game
  • There will be rival battles against characters that have been split into different personalities (Eg: A fight against an evil version of Amy Rose whose tired of Sonic refusing her advances)
  • Eggman will also split into a kind personality which will act as Sonic’s guide
  • It will contain some 2D gameplay which will be “directly ripped from the classic Sonic physics”
  • Nintendo are helping Sega to design levels

I’d just like to make clear that none of these points are yet confirmed, but a lot of it is likely! I guess if it’s true then it will most likely be coming late 2012/early 2013 as the Wii U isn’t going to be released until then. Then again, it hasn’t been confirmed as of yet that it will be for Wii U. Anyhow, get excited! 😀



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