Posted by: dafster | November 20, 2011

Sonic Generations review

For the past few years, Sonic has featured in many games that are only describable as bad. Sonic ’06, Sonic and the black knight as well as the Werehog levels of Sonic Unleashed. Fortunately for us, Sonic has recently appeared in some GOOD games including Sonic Colours, Sonic 4 and now Sonic Generations. In the opening cutscene for Sonic Generations, Sonic’s friends are throwing a 20th birthday surprise party for Sonic. Sonic arrives on the scene a few seconds later and discovers the party. Tails gives him a chili-dog as a present, but before he can finish it, a mysterious force sends Sonic and his friends into a place called ‘white space’ where everything is white (surprise surprise). Sonic soon meets up with his past self and learns that he has been sent back in time and must replay levels from his past games to free his friends and restore the colour. The beauty of this is though, is that all of these levels have been remade for Sonic Generations.

You can play as either Modern Sonic (which involves homing attacks, boosts etc) or Classic Sonic where you can use spin dash and simply need to jump up to an enemy to destroy it. I found that I was often forgetting that classic Sonic can’t perform homing attack or boost as I was constantly swapping Sonics to free friends, but it didn’t bug me too much. It’s quite a thing to play Green hill zone as modern Sonic or Planet wisp as classic Sonic.


I got this game via Steam for the PC, I needed to get a new graphics card as I didn’t have one and even then, the frame rate wasn’t 40 frames per second like it was meant to be, it was more 25. But you can blame that on my computer.


Presentation: 8.5 – Love the Levels hub!

Graphics: 9 – I’ve got the bit where Sonic sky dives off a helicopter in Speed highway as my desktop background.

Sound: 9 – Love the remixes. Definitely going to get the official soundtrack CD when it comes out!

Gameplay: 8.5 – Gets a little hard after a while, giving it a little more platforming skill, but the speedy levels are great.

Lasting appeal: 8 – Hmmm…not a very long game, but I guess you could go and do the challenges afterwards to unlock special stuff

Overall score: 8.9


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