Posted by: dafster | November 4, 2011

Sonic Generations…OUT NOW!!!

It’s here. The long awaited Sonic Generations! Buy it now for X-box 360 and PS3! Also the PC version is now unlocked and downloadable straight away from Steam, so you can go download it RIGHT NOW to your PC from Steam!!!

Here’s how to do it…

Step 1: First, if you haven’t yet got Steam, download it now for free by clicking here! You’ll need this to download Sonic Generations!

Step 2: Once you’ve downloaded it, open Steam. You’ll then need to create an account. Once that’s done, Click on Store and then Search for Sonic Generations.

Step 3: Once you’ve found it, click Add to cart, enter your info, pay the $50 via credit/Visa card or whatever and then it’ll start downloading!!!


Here’s a problem I had – if you’re computer doesn’t have enough space to install Sonic Generations (It’ll tell you before you download it if you don’t) then here’s what to do. If it doesn’t fit on your computer and you have a hard-drive, you’ll probably be looking for an option that says “Save to WD Elements” or whatever the name of your hard-drive is. Let me tell you now, that there IS no option for that. The reason being is that all Games are SAVED ONTO STEAM. Sure, it may save a shortcut to your desktop, but in the end, it’s installing the game to Steam. So the solution here is to install Steam somewhere else. Here’s how to do it.

First, log out of your Steam account by going to the bar at the top and clicking Steam>Change user. This’ll log you out. Once you’ve exited Steam, uninstall it. Do this by clicking here. Don’t worry, if you’ve already payed for the game, it’ll be ready to download whenever you log onto your account, so uninstalling Steam won’t effect anything there. You may think that this is re-installing Steam, but you’ll soon be given an option to uninstall. Click that and then continue on until it’s uninstalled. Now Install it again by clicking here, only this time INSTALL IT TO YOUR HARDRIVE!!! <VERY IMPORTANT!!!

Once you’ve installed it, restart your computer and then open Steam again, only this time, to open it, go to the folder you saved it on your hard drive and click on the file that says “SteamTMP”. It should update. They’ll then send you a code to your email which you’ll then have to enter in. Then you can log in again. Once you’ve done all of that and opened Steam, you can go to your library and click on  Sonic Generations. Now refer to the previous steps I gave you on how to install Sonic Generations and VOI-LA! It’ll download to your hard-drive!!! If Sonic Generations isn’t there, then you probably haven’t payed for it yet, or did a step wrong. If you did everything right and it still isn’t working, then I have no idea what’s going on. Click here to find a solution.

Well enough about bugs, as I’m typing this, Sonic Generations is installing on my PC NOW! Who’s excited and is gonna get it? I know I am! Here’s a video of it just to get you more excited…

Oh yes, and 2 new Rayman Origins trailers…



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