Posted by: dafster | September 25, 2011

The Legend Of Zelda: Ocarina Of Time 3DS – Review

The Legend Of Zelda: Ocarina of time, was a game made in 1998 and was (and still is) widely considered one of the best games ever to be made. That’s why Nintendo decided to make a remake of it for the 3DS. But the question is, can Nintendo make a good remake without destroying the classic feel of the original?

Nintendo, improved the graphics in the latest version, and added many more features to make the player want to come back over and over. They’ve literally included everything and more. Left out nothing. They’ve added a feature allowing the player to replay every boss and then fight them all in a gauntlet, and have also included the Gamecube’s Master-quest – after you’ve finished the main game you can unlock this quest, allowing you to play the entire game again, only much, much harder.

They haven’t done anything to the music, which is great, because players of the original game will remember the catchy jingles and orchestral music from the original as they advance through the game. Yes, Nintendo have achieved something VERY hard to do here – they’ve managed to update this game to make it look new by today’s standards, yet still kept the classic feel you got while playing the original. This is one of those few things that older games have done better than newer games. It’s in Super Mario 64, it’s in Rayman 2 and it’s CERTAINLY in The Legend Of Zelda: Ocarina Of Time. It’s the feeling you get while playing it where you KNOW that it will be a classic game no matter how long it’s been around for.

There are the good classic remakes and bad classic remakes. Good examples are Starfox 64 and Super Mario 64 DS. A bad example is Rayman 3D. OOT:3D, is a good example. A very good example.

Oh yes, and I loved the ending cutscene by the way, it made me feel like I’d really accomplished something!

Here are the only negatives I’ve found:

  • A few Non-updated graphics – the block like ledges and a few other non-updated graphics remain.
  • Tough beginning – pretty easy when you get used to the game, but up until the boss battle inside the Deku tree, I actually was considering trading it back into EB Games. Word of advice – just hang in there – it gets better, promise!
  • No multiplayer – I would’ve loved to share this amazing game with my friends, but I couldn’t.
  • Faulty Gyroscope viewing – the problem is when you’re moving around is that the 3D is hard to focus on. I often found myself turning the 3D off for this, or using the circle pad instead.

Here’s my overall scores…



Works great for 3DS, sometimes you even forget it’s a remake of an old game.



The improvements are pretty darn amazing, if they could just improve on the block like ledges and make a few other slight tweaks, I’d give the graphics a 10.



No upgrades to the sound, but why upgrade when it’s already so good?



Amazing, much? If they could just make the first level a little more rookie friendly for beginners, the gameplay would be PERFECT.

Lasting appeal


Personally, I reckon this is the game’s strongest point. According to my 3DS’s activity log, I’ve been playing this game for a full 57 hours, and I’ve only just finished the main game. There’s still still loads more to discover, and if that isn’t the sign of a good lasting appeal, then I have no CLUE what is!

Final score


One of the best remakes ever made of one of the best games ever made, if you’ve got a 3DS, get this and if you haven’t, get a 3DS. Yes, this game is so good, it’s worth to buy the console just to get it!



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