Posted by: dafster | July 24, 2011

Blog updates

Hey guys, you may notice that recently I’m taking awhile to update my blog with the latest PCB post, I’m quite busy these days with lots of other things that I can’t control, so it can often be hard to buy some time to update the blog. This is why I’ve decided to stop posting about new PCB posts. I don’t really see much of a point in posting them when you can simply go straight to the Poptropica Creators Blog to read them anyway. I will still post walkthroughs, though written walkthroughs can take time, so I’ve decided to start up a new thing all you future bloggers will love…


This means you’ll be able to submit walkthroughs YOU’VE written about an island there isn’t already made a walkthrough for on this site and it will be featured on this blog! To submit a walkthrough, make sure it’s your own piece of writing and then submit it in the comments of any post. If you’re down as “anonymous” please write down your gamer name at the end of the walkthrough so I can give credit to you!

Anyway, basicly I’d like this blog to be equally about Rayman Origins and Sonic the hedgehog as it is about Poptropica, so I might try and change the name and give you warning in advance so you’ll still be able to come to the right place!

Thanks guys,


Oh yeah, one other thing, if you’re wondering when I’m making a Shrink Ray Island video walkthrough, it’ll be pretty much when I can find some spare time!


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