Posted by: dafster | July 9, 2011

More news…

Hey guys, as usual, the Poptropica creators have done a few things…

Island restart- click on the map on whatever island you’re on and then click restart island.

Effect change-In your inventory you can now click “Turn off special effects”.

Also, you can now get free Poptropica toys with every meal at Hardyee’s and Carl’s Jr every time you get a  Cool Kids Combo meal.

In more exciting news, I’m re-doing the Sonic movie in HD. (Yay!) I’ve re-done it already, I’ve just yet to upload it to YouTube. It’ll look great on your big plasmas, so why not download it and burn it to a disk? I’ll tell you how to do that once I upload it!






  1. Hey, this might sound kind of mean or random, but how many hits do you get per day? If you don’t wanna answer it’s fine. If you want to answer privately, you can send me an email.

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