Posted by: dafster | May 8, 2011

Red Dragon island out now!

Hey guys, I’m sorry I haven’t been posting as of much lately, Poptropica have a few more posts, but just to skip to the big news…


Okay, so I’ve completed the island and will make a walkthrough for you shortly so STAY TUNED!!!

So, latest post…

Friday, May 6, 2011

Celebrating a tasty Island

After the launch of Red Dragon Island, which takes place mostly in old Japan, some of the Poptropica creators decided to celebrate with a Japanese lunch — sushi!

Mmm-mmm! So delicious, you’d never guess that it was made out of raw fish.No, not “Crawfish.” Raw fish. Nobody noms Captain Crawfish!


Yeah, well the fact the Poptropica creators had a Japanese lunch is all well and good, but what REALLY catches our eyes here is what’s in the background…

First of all that Poptropica placemat that the sushi’s on…guess they got it done at the printers or something! Next, in the top right corner we see what appears to be…well…a book? It says “______ the ultimate” my guess is that it’s a Poptropica guide or something! But now look at what’s in the top left corner! What appears to be a plastic model of Dr. Hare!

Hmmm…maybe some of these products will be sold on the website soon! Try and guess in the comments what you think the thingo in the top right is!



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