Posted by: dafster | April 22, 2011

Hits, a movie and Easter!

Hey guys, would just like to thank you all for my recent popularity with my blog, but mostly, my YouTube videos.

I started this blog up mid-2010…it was a different site called DafstR blog. I used Blogger instead of WordPress to make it, around then, pretty much no one knew about it and I was lucky if I got any views in a day at all. After a while, I thought I’d switch over to WordPress to see which I liked more. At first WordPress was a challenge because of all the tabs, buttons and everything. After a while I got used to it…I started getting around up to 10 views in an average day…upon new islands release, I got as much as 100 views in a day because everyone was looking for a walkthrough…but then it went straight back down to 10 again after everyone was over it. Recently Wimpy Wonderland was released and something quite unusual happened. Usually around a day or two after the islands release there are heaps of walkthroughs about, but after about a day of Wimpy wonderland’s release in Early access period, there was nothing. I’d finished the island myself, so I decided to take the time to write a walkthrough and it turned out I was first on the entire web. This was what gave my blog its sudden popularity, as EVERYBODY was looking for a walkthrough. As I write this I have almost 100,000 hits, but what I’m really amazed about is my YouTube video hits…here’s what’s up on my YouTube channel at the moment…

A whopping million+ and if you think I faked that, then click here to see that it’s not a joke!

I would just like to thank everyone who’s checked out my blog or videos, I’m glad you have enjoyed my stuff, and I would like to thank you for making my dream of becoming a web publisher come true. I would encourage anyone who would like to make a blog of their own to go for it, because it’s just amazing and if your blog doesn’t get many hits to start off with, don’t worry, just hang in there, because mine certainly didn’t to begin with! As a thankyou and a happy easter, I’ve made  a Sonic The Hedgehog movie for you all, I won’t upload the actual movie yet because it goes for a full 95 minutes, so I’d have to upload it in parts which takes forever. SO to give you a glimpse at it here’s a trailer that I made for it…

Don’t worry about that bit at the end that says “like for a copy”, that’s only because I uploaded to Facebook, so my real-life friends can get a copy on a disk, but you don’t need to worry about that, because I’ll upload it all to YouTube soon in parts (and yes, I’ve already made the full movie!).

Lastly, I won’t be around to post on my blog as it’s easter, I’ll be back again on Tuesday…wether I post or not depends on wether the Poptropica creators decide to take the easter off too.

But whatever happens, I wish you all a great easter. 😉



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