Posted by: dafster | April 3, 2011

Lock’s quest rip and more!

A few new things…first our latest post…

Friday, April 1, 2011


Public service announcement

Don’t panic: Poptropica will be down for maintenance on Monday morning, starting around 5:00 AM Eastern time, for 1-3 hours. We will post an update in the blog as soon as the maintenance is complete, so you can get right back to your game! 


Yeah, well not many Americans play Poptropica between 5:00 and 8:00, do they now? Of course if you lived in another country it would be different… anyway, on april Fools day, Poptropica released these prank cans in the Poptropica store…

New on Poptropica: Play Twisted Wizard!

If you’ve played through Wimpy Wonderland already, then you know that a key puzzle is figuring out how to get Greg to stop playing Twisted Wizard. But if you haven’t played Wimpy Wonderland yet, then there’s a surprise in store: you’ll have to beat Twisted Wizard for him! That’s right, now you can play Twisted Wizard in Wimpy Wonderland. 

Don’t fret if you’ve already completed the Island. You can play Twisted Wizard at any time by visting the “games” tab in your inventory.

It’s three levels of ogre-zapping fun. And here’s a helpful tip: You can rotate the blocks by pressing the space bar.

Happy wizarding!


Alright game but I doubt Greg would play 8-bit games….I mean aren’t they a little old now? Anyway, it’s pretty much a rip off Lock’s Quest for the Nintendo DS…build walls to defend, attack enemies to stop them from destroying the wall and getting to you…and you’re pretty much the source well.

So, that’s it for now, next time!



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