Posted by: dafster | March 22, 2011


Hey, sorry I haven’t posted in a while, anyway, first of all the first 10 finishers of Wimpy wonderland are…

1. Lone Dragon
2. Greedy Runner
3. Quick Skull
4. Strange Octopus
5. Popular Crush
6. Wild Ghost
7. Bashful Moon
8. Mad Leaf
9. Big Spinner
10. Messy Eel

Binary bard says 0110100001100101001001110111001100100000011010010110111000100000011101000110100001100101001000000110110001100001011101010110111001100100011100100110111101101101011-

0000101110100 which translated says: he’s in the laundromat

For members you get a special paper girl or paper boy costume, but you have to be quick to log on because they will only give them away for a limited time!

Also a few new cowboy suits in the Poptropica store for members or non-members.

And lastly Crawfish gives us another pointless post with a picture of him riding a rumble bike on Wimpy Wonderland. (See? They give us sneak peeks even when it’s out for non-members!)

Sooo… sorry for no pictures, usually WILL post them, but for now…



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