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Wimpy Wonderland Walkthrough!

Sorry, for being a little late, but Wimpy Wonderland is out now for members! I’ve finished the island, and although I don’t have a video walkthrough, I DO have a written one, and I’m proud to say that I’m the first to post a walkthrough on the web! Here it is…

UPDATE: A NICE PERSON WHO GOES BY THE NAME OF “Me” (No, I’m not talking about myself, Dafster, I mean someone who actually calls them self “Me”!) HAS KINDLY POINTED OUT THAT THE CODE TO THE LOCKER IS NEXT TO A TREE NEAR THE SCHOOL…THANKS, ME!

ο»ΏStep 1. Talk to Greg, he’ll tell you about Manny and how he lost him. Keep talking to him until he asks you to search for clues in his house.

Step 2. Walk to the left screen until you get to Greg’s house. (It’s the first house you’ll see. Walk inside and move around the house. You’ll find an adress book and a piece of Greg’s diary. You also might possibly find a locker number (sorry, I can’t remember where you actually get this, so if you don’t find it there, you might have to search around for it, if you don’t find it anywhere, then I’ll tell you the number: 9, 37, 15)

Step 3. Walk into Manny’s room upstairs, go out the window, jump across the rooftops, and you should see Rowley outside his house, talk to him and he’ll tell you that someone took of with his bike thingo. Follow the tracks to the left screen.

Step. 4. Walk into the house that you will now see…Greg’s Grammas house. Talk to Gramma and she’ll tell you that she’ll help you find Manny if you shovel the snow off her driveway.

Step. 5. Exit the house and to the right screen, you may see Manny, follow him to the left screen and he’ll fall off the Rowley’s bike. He’ll then jump up onto a tree, Chase him up the tree until he jumps off landing on a Snowman. Jump off the tree and pick up the bike, and snowman nose. If you don’t see the snowman nose then talk to the lady or the boy to get it.

Step. 6. Run to the right screen where the school is, you’ll see Manny, He’ll jump up onto the school building, up to the very top.

Step 7. Keep running right through 2 screens until you find the Whirley street kids. Avoid their snowballs then pick up the Shovel. Run all the way back to Grammas house and use the shovel. Complete the mini game then talk to Greg’s Gramma inside. She’ll say that she’ll help you find Manny after you play bingo at lesurierly towers. Run all the way back to the school.

Step 8. If you try to reach the ledge that Manny jumped to, you won’t be able to jump that high, so instead, walk over to the rubbish bin, (Not the big one with the word “trash” on it, the small one that you can push!) push the bin onto the left end of the sea – saw. The walk past the sea- saw, not touching it. Or jump over it. Jump up on the tree as high as you can, then, jump onto the see – saw from that branch. If you land in the right spot, the bin should get plunged up to the first ledge of the school. If not, then start this step again.

Step. 9. Once the bin is on the first ledge of the school, jump up to that ledge and push the bin under a window. Jump on the bin, and you will now be able to reach the window. If you’re on the window to the right, run left until you get to the window on the left, then enter the school through it.

Step. 10. Chase Manny through the hallway of the school, he’ll run out the main door, but before you run out that door, look through all the lockers on the bottom floor, seeing if you can click on one. When you get the hand icon on one, click on it and then enter the numbers: 9, 37, 15. The locker door will open and you’ll find a Twisted Wizard game guide.

Step. 11. Exit the school the way Manny went and go to the right screen where you’ll find the lesurly towers. Jump up to as high as you can go on the building, and then to the left corner of the building on this screen move the cursor around until you see: “Go up” Click to go to the next screen.

Step. 12. When you get to this screen what you have to do is jump up from window to window, avoiding the angry people. When you get to the last set of windows the start throwing stuff at you, so be careful! When you reach the very top, make sure you’re on the window to the very right, and you’ll notice that nowone opens that window. Enter that window and you’ll find Greg’s Grandad.

Step. 13. Click on Greg’s Grandad, and he’ll wake up. Talk to him and ask him if he’s seen Manny. He’ll say that he’s seen him and that you should discuss it over lunch. Complete the minigame until you finish, then he’ll switch on the tv and you’ll see Manny out the front of Lesuirely towers.

Step. 14. Go out of the apartment to ground floor, then exit the building. Go back to Greg’s house and give him the Twisted Wizard Game guide. He’ll then give you the game and ask you to return it to Rowley.

Step. 15. Run up to Rowley’s house and knock on the door. Rowley’s dad won’t let you in, if you talk to Rowley, he’ll tell you not to jump on his dad’s car.

Step. 16. Jump on Rowley’s dad’s car. The car alarm will go off. Hide behind the bush to the left of the front door of the house, and wait for Rowley’s dad to come out. The moment he comes out and has walked past the front door is your chance to get in, so quickly run inside!

Step. 17. Return the rumble bike and video game to Rowley, and he’ll give you a Joshie membership card. Run back inside Greg’s house and use the membership card to un-jam the laundry door. Click on the power switch in the laundry room and turn off Rodrick’s room’s power. Rodrick will walk out of his room angrily.

Step. 18. Run down to his room and pick up the dog bowl. Then run outside Greg’s house and into the garage. (Rodrick’s truck will have moved so you’ll be able to get there now!) Once inside the garage, pick up the leaf blower.

Step. 19. Exit the garage. (The exit is at the bottom of the screen.) Walk left until you see the snowman with the moving eyes, use the carrot here and you’ll put it on the snowman. The “snowman” will ask you to get it off. Now use the leafblower and all the snow will float away revealing Fregley. He’ll thank you and give you his troll doll as a thankyou.

Step. 20. Run to lesurily towers and inside the bingo parlour. Here you’ll find Greg’s Gramma. Talk to her and then use your troll doll. Win the bingo mini-game and you’ll get a CD.

Step. 21. Run inside the mini store on the main street. Talk to the shop owner and he’ll say that the teenagers outside are driving all his customers away. If you click on the blue liquid, he’ll tell you he’ll give it to you for free if you can make the teenagers go away. Use your CD that you won in Bingo, and then click on the music box above the counter near the entrance. Turn the volume up to Max and the teenagers will go away. As a thankyou, he’ll give you the blue liquid.

Step. 22. Run back to the school and outside, to the right of the see-saw you’ll see a man, who says that he can’t drive because his window’s frozen. Use the blue liquid you got from the store, and he’ll ask you to measure exactly 4 litres. The mini game will then start. (The mini game will only start if you have the dog bowl, if you don’t have the dog bowl, then you’ll need to get it to measure the liquid with…remember it’s in Rodrick’s room.)

Step. 23. Complete the mini-game and the man will thank you then walk away and take a break. Walk inside Greg’s house and he’ll be playing video games again. Open the curtains and he’ll stop, telling you that Manny is probably looking for his blanket, and if you can find his blanket, you can find him.

Step. 24. Exit Greg’s house and you’ll see Manny driving the man’s truck who you saw a moment ago. Go to the far left screen, and you’ll notice that the truck moved the snow out of the way of the doorway in the laundry building. Walk into the laundry building and you’ll find Manny with his blanket.

Step. 25. Click on him, then go outside and you’ll find the Whirley street kids again, throwing snowballs at you. Greg will ask you to help him push a snowball to squash them. Start pushing the snowball, and you’ll then do it automaticly. Then sled home! (That’ s my favorite part of the island!) Greg’s mum will arrive home at that exact moment and thank Greg for looking after Manny. Greg will then congragulate you and you he’ll give you the medalion and some poptropica credits as a reward! Congrats! You’re done!




  1. Thanks.

    • where can you get the bingo blotter

      • u get it from FREGLY once u get him out from snowman

      • you get it from the bingo troll

      • its the troll doll that fregley gives you after you take him out of the snow man

      • the troll is the bingo blotter

    • You find it right on the tree by the school

    • gramma lives by the laundro mat!!!! you need a shovel and go to her house and ask if she will help you find manny she says she nwill if you shovel her drive way so do that then she says shell look for him after the bingo game!

  2. THANKS SO MUCH!!!!!!!!!!!!! U ROCK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  3. cool can you do a video

    • if you do a video yo can use your website.lolololololololololololololololololol

    • If you search “Wimpy Wonderland Poptropica” on Youtube, there are many video walkthroughs available. I hope this helps!

  4. dude what are you talking when your going right you find hs gramas house

    • Sorry must’ve made a mistake!

      • hi, in step 22, when I go to the school, the man isnt there!!!!! and i have the blue liquid for him! plz help

  5. where do you get the combination it wont let me enter it without it

    • I’m not sure sorry! I was trying to remember everything once I’d done it!

      • it is in the tree near the school.

      • At the tree

      • Mabe you should collect all information before a post!!!!!!!!!!!

      • when i went to gregg i had to try to play the wizard game but when i did i cant do it wright and i cant give it to gregg or rowley

      • i have the same problem with the wizard game, i cant give it to him, and its too hard to beat

    • Hi I know you get it in a tree I dont know which one but a tree

      • The tree near the see-saw near the school.

    • it in one of the trees

    • the locker combo is in the tree next to the school

    • @Fire the combo is at SCHOOL hanging on a tree πŸ™‚

    • i don’t really remember where i got it either but i can help by giving it to you, if you haven’t found it yet, but i remember just happening to stumble into it, i wasn’t even looking for it yet. the combo is 9, 37, 15 and im sorry if i just posted a bad comment on your site, i wasn’t sure, and if i did i’m so sorry

    • U find it at the school at the right.Then climb the tree and youll find it

      • Im stuck on when u have to jump on the car and hide

      • Okay…jump on the car…quickly hover your mouse over the bush to the left of Rowleys front door, and you’ll see it says “hide”. Click to hide, and then wait until Rowley’s dad comes out…when he gets to the car, click on the front door to enter. Hope this helps!

      • When i hide and try to get inside doesnt work.-_-

      • Remember to wait until he gets to the car before you go inside.

      • It didn’t work when I tried it, even after I waited for Rowley’s dad to arrive near the car. For me, when I put my cursor over the door, it shows the pointer finger clicker thing, but if I click on it, it still doesn’t let me enter. I hope that made sense.

      • when i jump on the car then hide behind the bush i cant get just keeps loading!


      • I cant get in rowlys house even if I wait.

    • up in the tree by the skool u can get the combination

    • thanks it helped me but i cant get past twisted wizard! can u plz help me! it is sooo hard! though i got that far! i couldn’t have done it without ur help! by the way the code is on the tree next to the school x

    • Ok You get the Combination from the tree next to the school



    • click where!? Also manny came with the bike BEFORE I went to grammas house.

      • It all depends on the order you do it, and I was trying hard to remember everything off by heart, so I may have made a few mistakes…but you should do it eventually!

  7. please make a video walthrough

    • I will very soon!

      • excuse me but im stuck on parts … im trying to get into the leisure tower but the door is closed and i can go up in the leisure towers…my character keep saying, “i dont know anyone who live up there” …
        anyways play reply to me to my email:

    • Video walkthroughs are available at Youtube. Just type “Poptropica Wimpy Wonderland Walkthrough” in the search bar. If you still have trouble finding one, let me know and I’ll give you a link.

      As for the message “I don’t know anyone who lives up there”, this message is probably appearing because you have not examined the address book. Be sure you got the address book from Greg’s house (in Greg’s parents room, I believe). If you have, go to your backpack and press examine. I’m not sure this will work, but this message had not appeared for me and I had examined the address book, so it’s possible. I hope this is somewhat helpful.

  8. anyone know where the combination is

    • In the tree near the see-saw near the school.

      • How do you get in the room that is bolted shut in rodricks room because i realy want to get in there man

  9. Thanks! Only website I could find to help me finish the Island! πŸ™‚

    • Yeah, was the first to make the walkthrough, but I’m sure many more will be made!

  10. the locker combonation is in the tree by the school

  11. When I get to the window, it won’t let me in! And I’m sure It’s the right one. because it was open!

    • The highest one to the left? Hmmm…not sure…try it again!

      • It’s highest one to the right

    • Did your character said ,”I don’t know anyone who lives up there”? Maybe ,it’s beacause you forgot to take the Address Book from Greg Heffley’s house ,it’s in the uppest level of the house ,take it on the right side of the stairs.

    • First of all, be sure it’s the correct window. Make sure you have gone ALL THE WAY TO THE TOP. You should be all the way at the 33 level. If you find that you are at the correct window, then be sure that you have gotten the Address Book before you go to the window. The address book is available in Greg’s house (in his parents’ room, I believe). Also, I have heard about people receiving a message saying that they do not know the occupant of the room and therefore cannot enter the window. If you have received this message, you may want to go to your backpack and press examine on the address book. This is the best I can help, and I hope it aids you. Please ask if you have any questions.

      • wat!!! dat sounds hard but it’s really easy!!(:

  12. i cant get into rowleys house its too hard!

    • jump on the car then hid behind the bush.

  13. ill give u my account to help me

    • Check out my video walkthrough I’ll be making soon! That may help you!

      • When will u make it?It still doesn’t work.

  14. when i was trying to “go up” at the leisure towers it said that i dont know anyone that lives up there so i couldnt go up

    • Hmmm…talked to Gramma and has she gone to leisure towers yet?

      • same thung happing with me.. -.-

      • yeah she went there but she just said like bye when i get back i will look for manny

    • U need the adress book Carly

      • i had the adress book and i couldn’t get her to go!

      • were is the adress book?

      • what address book and where

      • U get the adress book in the house.In the moms room on the right

      • you need to EXAMINE the adress book

    • That’s just because you forgot to take the address book from Greg Heffley’s house. It’s in the upper level on the house and by the right side of the stairs. Hope this helps!

    • do u have the adress book?

      • yes its in gregs house in the room upstairs to the right

    • did u get the adress book ?

    • same thing happened to me

  15. […] […]

  16. i love it i used it fot the howl thing !!!!!!!!!!!!!1

  17. The place where u get the combonatino to locker is the SCHOOL

  18. Where’s the locker combination? I NEED it!

  19. Never mind! Found it!

    It’s on the tree to the right of the school!

  20. help me love:Leah

  21. hey its at the tree by the scool i think

  22. how do u do the mini game in grandpa’s apartment?? i click as fast as i can, but i keep losing

    • You’re doing it right…just click faster!

      • Try holding the mouse w yur left hand and clicking with yur pointer finger on your right. Helped me!

  23. the combination is in a tree beside the school

  24. where do you get a blotter

    • From Fregley…the blotter is his toy troll doll.

  25. why wont greg’s gramma appear in the game

    • i know i can’t get it either!!!!!

  26. hey i acnt get into rowlys house it wont let me

  27. Thank u!!!!!

  28. Does anyone know where the combination is?

    • In the tree near the see-saw near the school!

    • its on a tree near the tower or the school i think

  29. I’m stuck on the stupid car! It won’t let me in Rowley’s house for some reason.

    • A lot of people are saying that…try and get Rowley to look through the window first by knocking on the door!

      • Idid that it still dosn’t work

      • same for me
        rowlys looking through the window
        i jump on the car hide
        rowlys dad comes out
        his back is turned i get out of hiding place
        click door wont let me in
        rowlys dad:”dont touch my car
        scary hero:”i bet i cans sneak in when his back is turned”

    • i beat this game in 20 minutes you should beat it too

  30. So i’m having trouble,When i jump on rowley’s dad’s car,no alarm goes off ,does this have to be done when rowley is on the side of his house?

    • Good thinking! Yes it may have to get Rowley to look through the window by knocking on the door first!

  31. I CANT DO STEP 9

    • i had a tough time with that too.Place the trash can on the very edge of the see-saw(on the white part)and then climb to the highest branch of the tree(where you found the locker combonation and jump off that branch and land on the see-saw and it will pop up on the ledge.If that doesnt work do it over and over until you get it.

  32. how do i beat the soup mini game?!?!

    • You mean watercress salad game that made by Greg’s Grandpa? It took me like eight times to finish and win that game! Boy ,it’s wa-a-a-ay hard! So ,you just click rapidly on your mouse ,click on whatever you wanna click ,except the close button. You can’t stop ,slow your speed ,or even do it slowly .Click rapidly and never stop ,and you’ll won the game.

    • Click on your little person’s head in between their eyes… a lot!!!

  33. It wont let me go up on the lesurie towers it says i odnt thnk anyn lives here\

    • Remember to chase Manny through the school first!

      • you need the adress book

    • You go inside Greg’s house and see the address book .. that’s how you can climb up

  34. The combination is in a tree next to the school

  35. I can’t find the nose!! Which woman and which boy plz be mor SPECIFIC!!!!

    • In the main street there’s a boy called Little Billy and his mum, they’re building a snowman, once Manny jumps out of the tree and lands on the snowman, you’ll get the carrot. If you’re chasing Manny up the tree on the main street, you shouldn’t miss them.

  36. when you jump on the car and and hide he is already out the front door and when i sclick the door it wont let me in

    • Hmmm…I’ll make a video walkthrough soon, so you can check then!

    • same problem

    • i know
      im stuck too

  37. combonation in tree by see-saw

  38. how do get the twisted wizard game guide

    • The twisted Wizard game guide is in Greg’s locker inside the school. To open it, you’ll need the locker number which you’ll find in the tree next to the school.

      • um dafster can u help me on rowleys dad car part when u go to his house to hide in bushes!Can u help me!my account is miggyman700pass:cool890

      • but you need to turn the lock the right way

  39. The numbers are on a tree next to the see-saw

  40. You can get the combination by the tree next to the school.

  41. hey could u use my account and finish it?im really desperate….im at the rowleys dad part.
    go to my youtube channel and if possible please pm me what is my poptropica id and i will give it to you

    • I’ll make a video walkthrough soon…that should help you!

      • Will it show how to get the bolts of the room in rodricks room that is on the left of the dog dish because it won’t let me in.

    • I need help with the dad thing i CAN”T hide!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  42. I cant get inside Rowley’s house, how come? Why can you do it?

    • You have to jump on his dads car.The dad will come out hide in the bushes and when he walks past you run in the house and go to rowleys room

      • i cant still…….

      • Yeah but how do i hide? Cuz when i got over to the bushes i CAN”T hide!!!!!!! ^:(

  43. I can’t do the car thing

    • Talk to Rowly through the window. Next, Jump on the car. The alarm should go off. Then, hover the mouse over the bush left off Rowly’s house until it says hide. click on it. When rowly’s dad goes to the car, Click on the door and go inside!

      Hope this helped!

  44. im stuck with the car!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • um click the dude then jump on the car and hide behinde the bushes then when his dad walks away click the door

      • i cant and u followed my name!!!!!!!!!

  45. for the bingo game you dont even need to put the right numbers

  46. THANK YOU! I really appreatiate it

  47. stuck step 16

  48. I have chased manny out of the school, now I tried to go to the top of leisure towers, and it did not work. It says I don’t know anybody who live up there.

    Your guide is missing a few things, I think you need to be more specific. ^^

  49. How do you even enter the combination?

  50. The combination doesn’t work! It 9,37,15 and i tried it but it doesn’t work! Please help!

    • if it says turn left in middle turn it left to the number
      same thing with right

      hope it helped

  51. Hey! Where’s ROWLEY on step 15?!

  52. thanks XD

  53. how do you beat the car thingie

  54. Please say there is a cheat for the food mini game please.

    • all i did was let it go to screensaver


  56. where is the man by the truck he isn’t there on my game on poptropica wimpy wonderland

  57. I’ve talked to grandma and she’s gone to Lesuire Towers, Put when I try to go up, It won’t let me because it says I don’t know anyone who lives up there!


    • Never mind! I figured it out you need the address book from Greg’s room.

  58. I can’t beat the stupid salad game!


  59. I can’t do the mini game when u r with the grampa, im clicking as fast as i can but it’s still not working

    another stupid question but is there a spot were ur suposted to click!!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?! plz HELP!

    • You click on ur characters face

      hope this helped! πŸ™‚

  60. im stuck at the car part i jump om the car it goes off but i go as fast as i can to get to the bush but his dad comes out way to fast and i dont even get a chance to hide. if u do make a video for this part slow this part down so we cn see wht u do PLZ.

  61. How do you get into the room that says “hi rodrick?”

    • You don’t. You can’t.

  62. Where is the bingo blotter

  63. how do you drive the teens away from the supermarket?

  64. dafster i need help!!!!!

  65. which 2 screens? (step #7)

  66. rowleys dad is to fast

  67. this is ligit i need help

  68. thanks sooooooooooo much!!!!!!!!!!!Will you do one for Wild West?I can’t complete the minigame on the train

  69. I cant go up farther on the towers part

  70. How do you do the thing with the wiper fluid? I can’t get to four liters……

  71. Your walkthrough is very helpful, thanks for writing it ^^
    However could you please help me with something?
    I have the Bingo Troll, the Grandma has said that she is going to go play bingo and left, and I have chased the little kiddo through the school. Yet, when I try to click “go up” at the retirement home, my character says that he doesn’t know anyone who lives up there, so it doesn’t let me go up – is there something else that I need to do so that it will let me proceed?
    Thank you in advance ^^;

    • do you have the adress book?if no,its at gregs house in his mom and dads room upstairs to the right

  72. @dafster, i went into the bingo place with everything else done in order but gregs gramma isnt there! 😦

    • that’s my prob too.

  73. umm i dont see the gramma in the bingo parlor can u help

  74. in the car thingy i jump on the car and then i hide rowleys dad comes i click on the door with the pointy finger (for many times) and it wont let me in 😦

    • Same with me!!! 😦

  75. OMG I can’t get through the soup game. I get almost to the end and it won’t let me beat it help!

  76. you find the code near the right side of the tree

  77. how do you beat the winshield wiper mini game?

  78. Thanks So Much! I Did everything right! Im That good πŸ™‚

  79. I have a problem. Whenever I jump on rowley’s dad’s car and hide behind the bush, it won’t let me click anything until his dad comes back and goes inside. It just isn’t working.

    I’ve noticed other people having problems with it too and I’m thinking it might be a glitch in the game.

  80. Hey were is Grammas house? I cant find it

    • Gramma’s house is on the street with the laundromat just keep going left after the laundromat.

  81. omg u lost me at step 11 it keeps saying i don’t know anyone up here please help me!!!!!!!!!! 😦


  83. your just talking about your self thats actulty not how you do it… im soo right

  84. It won’t let me in the house, even though Rowley’s dad didn’t see me!

  85. how do you do the watercress salad minigame

  86. Thank you so so muchh(;

  87. oh and kellie jum on the car then ide in the bushes then when mr j leaves the house sneak in

  88. red ghost

  89. where are the whirley kids? they are not there

  90. I can’t find greg’s grandma.

  91. how do you go up in the lesuiry towers?

  92. I’m confused. I beat the game, but on the map it says I still haven’t gone to a place. What is the place above the lesurily towers? It says I haven’t been there yet…

  93. I have a question? I beat the game and everything, but what is Greg’s diary page for? I never used it at all but I still beat the game…

    • its a hint to find the right locker in the school

  94. yea not soo helpfull

  95. i cant pass the salad eating part wat should i do i tryed and tryed i had 2 look for the awnser but i cant pass it

    • you have to click the mouth rappidly so you chew faster and get it over with

  96. Plz help Greg’s gramma won’t go to bingo did you skip a step and this is the only walkthrough help plz!

  97. Please make a video, no one including me knows how to get in Rowley’s HOUSE!

  98. Thanks man!


  100. At step 10, I keep putting in 37 but it’s not working!! Why isn’t it!? I put in 9 already and I tried doing 15 first but it’s not working. HELP ME!!!!!!!

    • Nevermind! I forgot that you have to follow the arrow.

  101. Dafster, there is no way I can beat the soup game. I tried it several times, but it does not work out. Please help. By the way, it was nice to see the walkthrough you posted. I’m a big fan of yours. Carry on, bro.
    Thank you.

  102. I keep trying to go to the very top of leisure towers and it says “I dont know anyone who lives up here.” How do I learn about Greg’s Grandpa??

    • if u dont have the adress book then get it and it will work

  103. Help, I am trying to get into Rowley’s house and get the process, but when I try to enter either one of the following happens: I take my hand off the mouse and I lose my cursor (the swirly-blue one appears) or, if I keep my cursor, I simply can’t enter. Please, I desperatly need help. Yours truthfully-
    Golden Ant


    • you dont have to put the carrrot on the snowman before u blow it away

  105. I cant get inside Rowley’s house help me

  106. im stuck on the freze part

  107. im stuck on the no freze mini game

  108. Pleeeeeease some one help me! I can’t do the part woth the car and rowly’s dad!
    Every time i jump on the car, the dad comes out in like, two seconds and I can never get to the bush! Someone PLEEEEASE help!

  109. grandpas mini game is hard what do you have to do

  110. The car is so hard! I’m so close and i can’t get in the house!

  111. Where is the address book?!

  112. PS: Please tell me the link to the walkthrough! I really need it! I’m sure i can beat the whole game without the rest of this guide but all I need to know is how to beat that one part! Please give me the link ASAP or i’ll look like this: @_@ for the rest of the day!

  113. omg so i waited for rowley’s dad to get to the car, and i can put the little finger on the door, so like i could click on it, but it wont let me go inside!!!!!

  114. best walkthrough ever! i am so happy i finally finished it

  115. on my computer it wont let me go up on the lesurly towers every time i try it always says (I dont know who lives up there) so it wont let me go up.

    • You need 2 get the adress book in Gregs mom and dads room

  116. it wont let me go up the lesury towers it always says(I dont know who lives up there) and it wont let me go up.

  117. i can’t get the shovel. why not. i have done all the steps, but the whirley street kids won’t attack me with snowballs. please help

  118. i can’t get the shovel. why not. i have done all the steps, but the whirley street kids won’t attack me with snowballs

  119. i gave greg the game guide but he didnt give me the video game . is it beacuse i pressed f5 while it was loading????????

  120. how do u get into the rowleys house

  121. How do u get the carrot

  122. How the heck do u do step 16!!!

  123. i can’t get the shovel. why not. i have done all the steps, but the whirley street kids won’t attack me with snowballs

  124. Excuse me but I can’t beat the salad mini-game. Can you help me in anyway? Thanks!

    • @ Hi!!!! :
      U Click The Salad Really Fast!!!! HOPE THIS HELPS!!!! πŸ™‚

  125. awesome thanks so much!!! Ps Selena Gomez ROCKS!!!!!!

  126. dafter can u help me?im a stupid boy!lol im on rowleys dad part when get on the car and account is!User:miggyman700 Pass:cool890

  127. lol thanks a bunch and i know were to get the paper its in the tree near the school xD

  128. can someone help me get past the car

  129. THANK YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  130. i cant get on the top on the leisure towers!!! i click go up but it says: i dont know any one that lives up there. ur supposed to do this on step 11………but i cant!!!! can someone please tell me how?? please i really need to know πŸ™‚

  131. oh and please make a video of it… will be much easier that way

  132. wait…the minigame of grendpa:wat will u click??

  133. i cant get on top of the leisure towers 😦 it is to hard……..when i click it it says : i dont know anyone who lives up there can someone pleasseeee teeelllll meee howw !!!!!!!!!!!!!! plz plz plz tell me how

    • you need the adress book from gregs house upstairs right room on dreser

  134. I can’t do the salad minigame when you have to click as fast as you can. When I click fast it keeps saying You Lose Could you help me?

  135. I can’t do the salad minigame when you have to click as fast as you can. When I click fast it keeps saying You Lose Could you help me? 😦

  136. I can’t do the salad mini game when you have to click as fast as you can. When I click fast it keeps saying You Lose Could you help me? 😦

  137. can you help me do the salad mini game when you have to click as fast as you can. When I click fast it keeps saying You Lose Could you help me? 😦

    • Hey; You could get a family member or friend to help.When I did it I picked up the mouse and clicked it with my finger πŸ™‚ Try that; it might work for you.

  138. Thanks! I couldn’t find a walkthrough this early anywhere else.

  139. help me!! i am stuck on the part where you try to get on the leisure towers top part. it keeps saying i don’t know anyone there? HELP PLEASE!!!

  140. what floor do you go to in luiser tower?

    • @ Anonymous: 33c Hope This Helps πŸ™‚

    • 33c

  141. Thank you so much! ❀ This helped!!!

  142. when i go in the bingo parlour greg’s grandma is not there what should i do and please make the video walkthrough

  143. greg’s grandma isnt in the bingo parlour ??????
    please make video walkthrough

  144. ghngcxng xcyfhgvchf v rfffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffdffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffff

  145. u cant go up!!!!!!!!!!!

    • The walkthru helped but i cant get passed the lunch game and ive done heaps of other things but i can’t see the man that asks you to clean his window is it because i haven’t done the lunch game yet?

  146. I got rid of the teenagers, but when i go inside the store, its like they’re still there and the shopskeeper won’t give me the blue liquid. HELP!!!

    • turn the music all the way up

  147. were is the man by the see saw

  148. how to do the measuring thing?

  149. I know how to solve the go up problem guys!

    Go back to Greg’s house

    Go upstairs

    Go to the right side of the room beside the stairs

    See a green book? Take that green book

    And then go back to the leisurely towers and get back to the top

    And then click go up, and hooray!

    • Thank you so much! It works!


  151. I can’t pass the part when we have to get inside when Rolly’s dad’s back is turned!
    It is really stressing me out can you make the video walkthrough really soon!



  153. The island is so difficult!!!

  154. hey, every time i put my coursor t go up on leisurly towers, my character says: “I don’t know anyone who lives up there” what should i do? and it won’t let me IN the place either. Help!

  155. i cant find the man beside the truck

  156. OK for Step 12 idk which row u mean PLZ HELp I think i went up 2 far and i cant get back wut do i do and im like stuck on a new platform i have no idea how 2 get bak cuz it wont let me

  157. Hey, I can’t beat the stupid bingo :{

  158. does it really matter if you win or lose gregs grandpas game?

    • ooooo it matters

    • yes then you cant see manny outside

    • heck yeh or else you cant do the stuff.
      And you are stuck at the watercress salad part? that is my favorite part!

  159. o neva mind i got it πŸ™‚

  160. @ Anonymous : im pretty sure its Floor 33

  161. awesome!!!!
    i finished the whole game in a hr ^.^
    Dafster u rox!!!
    the bingo thing was hard at first but i kept it organized ^^”

  162. thanks!! by the way its leisure towers not leisurley towers

  163. ok HOW DO U GET INSIDE ROWLEYS HOUSE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ITS IMPOSSIBLE HIS DAD IS 2 Fast and EVR time i get ther its the loading thing and i cant move or anything HElp me Plz

  164. i cant pass the mini game where you have to eat all the salad. cani you please help me!!!

  165. ummmmm the man is not there i bhouth the liquid lol

  166. Hey,
    Im stuck in the mini game with the sald can you explain to me how you do it im kinda counfused on it.


  168. Thank you.

  169. I can’t get in Rowley’s house HELP!

  170. it would be beter to have a video you know

  171. can you make one for mythology to

  172. i just won thank you so very much!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!111

    • no probs

  173. i am stuck on the car part he comes out too quicly!!!!!

  174. help dafster help

  175. Why can’t i get past the freeze liquid part!!!???? it won’t go to 4 liters!!!!! I NEED HELP SO PLEASE MAKE A VIDEO!!!!!!

  176. OK if U Can Help ME all I need is car THinG AND THE SNOW SHOVEL GAME IF U CAN HElp ME PLLLLZZZZ DO

  177. ok, so how to get through freeze liquid mini game is u pour stuff into dog bowl, tthen pour stuff in dog bowl, into cup, the pour stuff from bottle into dog bowl, then congrats! u have 4 liters


  179. ok 4 some1 tht Got into Rowley’s House and the snow shovel game PLZ HELP ME

  180. EVERYONE!they started to make a video walkthrough.go to!see it!

  181. I’ve tried getting into Rowley’s house twenty times or more. I’ve tried all the tricks that everyone has suggested, including knocking the door right before jumping on the car, and none of them seem to work. Please reply to this if you are/were having the same troubles and please tell me if you have gotten past this obstacle and how.

    An Anonymous Person Who Really Wants To Get Past This Island

  182. o btw, i am a non member and yet i got in tody. 2010 03 ? is it open 2 all now?

  183. I’m also stuck on the car… I hide in the bushes and when Rowley’s dad goes past, I click on the door, but it won’t let me in, and then Rowley’s dad comes back and says something like Hey, I see you!

  184. When i jump on rowleys dads car i run over to the bush and mrjefferson comes out so i click to go inside but i start knocking…

  185. you can get the blotter after you help fregley

  186. hey thank you so much it was a big help

  187. Thank you so much it was a big help!!!!!!

  188. ahhh i cant get that bin to go up!

  189. thanks for all the people who need help and gave me their accounts :)) I GOT TWO NEW ACCOUNTS (stole)

  190. thanks for the walkthrough!

  191. i seriously can’t finish the bingo mini game. it’s so unfair. i almost finished it but it said sorry better luck next time. UGHHH i just needed two more numbers and i got a complete row. 😦

  192. nevermind, i’m done now… πŸ˜€

    • it was super easy for me all you have to to is follow the instructions some are a bit tricky but once you get the hang of it than you can do it

  193. i saw it but i still cant do the car part

  194. How do i finish the water cress salad?and where is the man???

  195. i can’t go into rowley’s house after his dad came out. i watch the video but still can’t do it NEED HELP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  196. me too im stuck on the car part

  197. please-( need more information )

  198. can some one please help me or answer for me

  199. Theres no one in the truck near the school. I have the blue liquid and I think Ive done everything I need to do…but there is no guy near the truck.

  200. to get into rowleys house u jump on the car the alarm will go off then u hide in the bushes

  201. ITS SO EASY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  202. I couldn’t get the twisted wizard game guide at first

  203. i have the blue liguid but when i went to the store the guy wasnt there i saw him before but now hes gone what do i do HELP ME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  204. i know you may not remember this but if you do where is Rowely ’cause his dad is not letting me in and he’s not outside?

  205. never mind i forgot a step

  206. thanks, now off to astro kings are something and then off to the rest….. the car part means JUMP ON THE CAR AND HIDE IN THE BUSHES i hoped that helped

  207. thanks for the help πŸ˜› 8P

  208. It wouldn’t let me find Greg’s grandad so you kinda helped me but kinda didn’t, thanks anyway

  209. AAAAH!!

    I can’t get into Rowley’s house! I do everthing I need to do and i keep on clicking the door and clicking and clicking and it won’t let me in!!!! 😑

    I have tried talking to rowley and tried waiting until the dad get’s to the car and tried getting in right after the dad comes out but it still won’t work!!

    PLZ HELP ME!!! 😦 😦 !!

  210. I got stuck at the car part. Should I try doing a jump from the car?

    • yes!!!

  211. i need help with the car part
    rowlys dads to quick
    maybe theres an item we missed that gets us into the house

  212. How do you finish Grandpa’s salad mini game?

    • Its easier with a mouse
      You have to click the tummy as fast as you can to eat the salad before you burp and have to start over

  213. You must have worked really hard on it! Thanks for all of the help! πŸ˜†

  214. I can’t get in Rowley’s house! When I hide behind the bushes I can’t enter. All that appears is the pointer finger to knock on the door! Maybe its a glitch? Hopefully someone fixes it soon. Bye!

  215. can someone help me w/ the car user:crackers55

  216. any one please help!!!

  217. island done

  218. now for my last one


  219. Cool, i never knew someone can finish a hard island so quickly

  220. Hi, When I was having salad with Gregs grampa I didn’t know what to do! Can you help?

  221. how do you beat the watercress game?!?

  222. you click fast

  223. hey Dafster how do i get past the part with the car?

  224. I cant get past the car part i press hide and i click the door when he gets to the car but he just says “Don’t go near my car!” and walks in the house. 😦

    • Dear Boop,
      You need to click the door a bunch of tomes for it to let you in

  225. i try getting inside rowlys house but it wont let me! i get on the car and try to hide behind the bush but the dad comes out before i get behind the bush!!! HELP!!!

  226. hey to all the ppl who cant get in gregs grampas room, you need to EXAMINE the adress book first πŸ™‚ Hope it helps, if doesnt well, sorry!

  227. who changed my password please help!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  228. hello!!! that account i showed isnt mine it my friend so tell me the new pass word or my friend will get really mad at me!!!

    • you want it back? pm me on youtube, username Keannamariegarcia πŸ˜‰

  229. hi!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  230. anyone!!!!!!!

  231. the locker combo is on the tree to the right of the school
    and nice walkthrough (:

  232. helloooooooooo!!!!!!!!

  233. what r u talking about

  234. I cant get in to the house!!!! I jump on the car and try to hide behind the bush but when i click on the door rowelys dad just says don’t go near my car! and sometimes he comes out of the house before i get 2 the bush

  235. Hi, I completed whimpy wonder land thanks to you Dafster πŸ™‚ And I completed Wild West island I also completed it with a written cheat on a different web site called http://Www.PoptropicaSecrets.Com

  236. Well I can complete lots of islands now, most of them I completed was with cheats on all different websites.

  237. And if anyone is having trouble with the liters of No freeze wiper fluid I can help πŸ™‚ Step 1. you need to get the dog dish that says SWEATY on it. and then go to the school and find the man with his truck he’ll tell you that is wind shield wipers are frozen and can’t drive like this, so use the no freeze wiper fluid in your backpack on click on use.

  238. And then he says that you need to get the right amount which is four liters and it’s tricky because you have a five liter cup and a three liter dog dish. Step2. you see first you fill the dog dish then you use the filled with No freeze wiper fluid and pour it into the five liter cup. And then that makes seven liters left.

  239. And then he says that you need to get the right amount which is four liters and it’s tricky because you have a five liter cup and a three liter dog dish. Step2. you see first you fill the dog dish then you use the filled with No freeze wiper fluid dog dish and pour it into the five liter cup. And then that makes seven liters left.

  240. Because you have a ten liter bottle of No freeze wiper fluid and now you took three from the dog dish and poured it into the five liter cup which now makes seven you see now the dog dish is empty again so you fill it up again which means you took six and ten-six equals four now you’ve done it. And your welcome:).

  241. You see I’m in China city Beijing and can’t view videos some how I could when I was in New Zealand but now I can’t because they don’t have You Tube in China. I know I’m only ten I can’t watch You Tube but not there Adult videos my kind of videos. You see they even have Poptropica cheats there but it’s not what you think I’m not Chinise I come from Australia.

  242. i cant get past rowlys dad & if i do i cant get into rowlys house plz help

    • I know I cant do it eaither I get so close then caught. All the walthroughs I see go so fast.

  243. Are there any tips for the eating minigame?

  244. someone stole my (friend) user name and password then they changed the password and i want it back!!!!!!

  245. guys if someone stole ur account then u neeed to save the passsword net time put in email to send and it will give ur pass or user

  246. @Breanna Ford pm me on youtube, Keannamariegarcia (username) and ill give it back πŸ˜‰

  247. My game guide only says “examine” Instead of “Use”. I cannot give the game to Greg, and now I cannot defeat the island. Does anyone know what to do?


    • same happen 2 me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i totally hate that!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  248. i cant get passed the videogame thing!!!!!!!!!!

  249. it’s almost impossible to do the salad game

    • u have to have a laptop and a mouse u can connect to it enable the laptop touch-pad and plugin the mouse then click both at the same time realy fast then ul eventually win

  250. GET ME IN TO ROWLY’S HOUSE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  251. @dorkus can’t u just give me back the password on here? everytime i try to register on youtube it wont let me

  252. @dorkus how do i pm u?

  253. @dorkus i have a account how do i pm u

  254. @dorkus my user is BreBreBanana55

  255. cant give greg freakin guide
    stupid greg
    i just read it to him but he doesnt react
    freaking greg

    • same happens with me

    • thats cuz u need to click on the tv OR greg… u need to play the game

      • i cant pass that cuz it usto say use but now it said examine

  256. when i go to the looker and i click it then i move it two 9 then i move it to 37 but it wont go onto the next number

  257. rrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrroooooooooooooooolllllllllllllllllllllyyyyyyyyyyyy”””””””””””””””’ssssssssssssssssssssss hhhhhhhhhhhhhhooooooooooouuuuuuuuussssssss mmmmmmuuusssssssssttttttt hhhhhhaaaaveeeeeeeeee aaaa ssiiiccccuuurriiitttyyyyyyyyyyyy ssssssssssyyyyysssssttttttiiiiiimmmmmmmmmm!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  258. okay i can siriosly done

  259. thank you for your help!!!

  260. ok im stuck!! i got the cd and followed every single step before that and i went to the mini store on main street and talked to the guy and clicked the blue stuff. then i put the cd in and turned it to max. the teenagers left outside, but inside the store u could still see them and the guy still said “those teenagers are ruining my buisness” HELP!!

    • did u try clicking on the blue liquid?

      • lol i meant click the blue liquid AGAIN

  261. SORRY! i see what i did wrong nm

  262. the locker combination is in the tree you have to jump off onto the seesaw very easy walkthrough to understand thankyou

  263. can anyone tell me where can you find greg’s grandma? I can’t find her in the bingo parlour!!!

  264. the game to click is to hard

  265. um when i was talking to brenna ford that wasnt me who wrote that i havent even been on here for about 1 month i think that was my sister writing that u dont have to pm i dont have ur pass

  266. Thanks! πŸ™‚ I just have a problem when you have to eat the watercress salad

  267. where’s the dude by the see saw? is it because i haven’t completed the salad game?

  268. probably yes

  269. Thanx!!! This has helped a lot! (I like the sledding part too)

  270. thanks for this it really helps! u like sonic the hedgehog 2 awesome i do, anyway i walked into gregs house and the music i knew it was rodrick going off again… for some reason Rodrick is my fave person, he is awesome
    Sophz, thanks!

    • Thanks, if you like Rodrick the most of all the characters, you’d probably enjoy the movie: Diary of a wimpy kid 2: Rodrick Rules! πŸ™‚

  271. i found out where to find the locker combo its at the skool at the second tree climb up the tree and then ull find it

  272. where is gregs gradma


  273. i cant finish the part of the game wizards and blah blah even in easy mode wat do i do i am so frustrated i have been playing for 2 days i still cant do it

  274. How come when i try going in to rowleys house theres a big circle with the rotating sign and i can’t get in!

  275. i am havin trubl w gettin in rowleys house. i can hide but it wont let me go in!!!!help!!

  276. pleez.!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  277. Hi, i was wondering how to get the shovel! Like, I walked right two screens, and I saw teenagers, but they didn’t throw snowballs! They just looked at me. So how do I get a shovel? PLEASE ANSWER RIGHT

  278. i can’t beat the salad part! boohoo!

  279. Thank you SOOOO much

  280. How do you give the guide to him because, it says examine.

    • when you examine it your player should read out what to do,
      then greg says he turned on the cheats then click on the tv,
      before clicking on play, click on the wizard standing on the castle then play!
      PS: hope this helped

  281. i cant beat the salad game!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  282. how do i win the bingo game !!! ive been trying for 3 days i keep losing!
    dafster can you help me???

  283. this is really helpful… but i can’t get into Rowley’s house. I tried making Rowley’s dad’s car alarm go off and then hiding in the bush, but the game won’t let me click on the open door to go inside. Can anyone help me?

  284. It won’t let me get through the school’s window…I even tryed logging out and then logging back in! Ugh!

  285. I am confused when i go to Lesure Towers it says that I don’t know anyone who lives up there.

    • gramps is in room 33c at the very top

  286. The loocker number is on the tree after the school

  287. IM almost done so in ya faces !

    • plz help can’t get into bingo place thing plz help!!!!!!!!!!!plz plz plz!!!!:(

  288. i tried to go in Rowley’s but i couldn’t and i followed the way u do

  289. how do ugive the twisted wizard guide to greg!

  290. it wont let me go through the window at the school……………..

  291. How old r most of all you poptropica players? I’m not trying to be creepy, im just wondering.

    • I dunno, guessing from 7 – 15? That’s the age group Poptropica says…but I am starting to get more into other games…I’m just still posting about Poptropica because the stats say that most people are typing in Poptropica to get to this blog πŸ™‚

  292. I am almost done and I dont find a problem with the salad part I completed it fastly. Oh and to me the car part was piece of cake! Oh and how can manny be driving that car!!!!!!!!!!!!!Oh and the grandma doesnt keep her promise she never lookss for manny after the bingo lol. Rowleys dad is evil. and i like honey and twisted wizards lol. Heres real help: In twisted wizard when you have the guide touch the screen and greg will say he enabled cheat codes. Then touch the wizard in the castle at TITLE SCREEN!!!!!! Hope i helped!

  293. The tv screen.

  294. The trash can part is soo very hard i’ll never get to pass that part 😦

    go to this website i tried it out and its really cool theres poptropica walkthroughs and new updates every few days i personally think it better than dafsters its called Angies Poptropica Walkhroughs. Check it out!

    • It probably is better for all things Poptropica since I’m kinda changing this into a Rayman/Sonic blog, but that doesn’t mean it’s overall BETTER.

  296. Game manual glitch: Can you help me? I’ve been playing poptropica, and in one of my characters, the game manual says examine instead of use.

  297. Hey uhmm when i go to the snowplow truck after i got the fluid.. the guy isnt there, what do i do?

  298. when i try to go up the leisure towers it says i don’t know anyone that lives there. WHAT DO I DOOOOOOOOOOOOO!?!/

  299. umm my character wont let me click the go up thingy she keeps saying i dont know anyone who lives up there

  300. I have a problem I got to the school, but the man is not there. The one that I give the No-Freez wiper fluid to.

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