Posted by: dafster | March 14, 2011

How to draw the Mexicans from the game – “Off The Rails” – a game by “Nitrome”

Today I’m gonna show you how to do some pixel art. Because this is pixel art, you’ll need to do it on the computer. What you should do here is save each picture to your computer, then open them with paint. Starting with step 1, erase the picture so you can draw over it. Then re-open the step. On both of them, zoom in 800%, if you have a vista like mine, to do that, go “view – zoom – custom – 800%, but your “Microsoft Paint” might be different.


Step 1. Start with the black outline of the first Mexican and a BIT of the handcar.

Step 2. Draw the rest of the outline of the handcar.

Step 3. Draw the outline of the other Mexican.

Step 4. Color in all the shades of green in what you’ve done so far…

Step 5. Now color in all the shades of black, mainly on the wheels, but also on the handle and the small circle in the middle.

Step 6. Color in all the shades of red. As you can see, the red is quite important as it covers a lot of the picture.

Step 7. Finally, color in all the shades of yellow. Not much of it, only really on their sombreros.

Step 8. Now that you’ve done the main picture, time for the background! (Don’t worry, this won’t take as long!) Start with all the orange…it doesn’t really matter if you make a few mistakes here, just try to make it look effective enough! Oh, and also, how about a blue sky?

Step 9. To give it the real “Nitrome” effect, add a few light(er) blue pixels in the sky. Again, it doesn’t matter if you don’t make this look exactly like mine, just remember to add lots!

Step 10. Now for the finishing touches. Change anything you’re not happy with, and lastly, what’s Mexico without cacti? Add a cactus on the left, and you’re done! Congrats!

This may look hard, but when you’re zoomed in, it’s actually easier than it looks zoomed out…it just takes a while, that’s all!



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