Posted by: dafster | March 12, 2011

Poptropica Wild west island walkthrough





  1. Hey can you send me an email of a video of how to complete the wimpy wonderlad island on poptropica ? here is my email ,

  2. thats very awsome i play stardoll and poptropica but poptropica is better

  3. i can’t get past the train part with the bad guys

  4. Can you beat the train robbery for me

  5. Do you have any tips for beating the train robbers?

  6. I cant beat the train robbery! Help! any tips? ANYONE?

  7. man it i cant find the 5 cattle!!! i hate just sitting thru a video that logn thou!! hey me didnt you help out dafster once??

  8. dafster you are the best!!! once i 1st found your walkthroughs on the computer i only use them!! oh yeah can you not do anymore vids?? its ur choice but i h8 them

  9. ooh e ooh ah ah ting tang a wala wala bing bang ooh e ooh ah ah ting tang a wala wala bing bang!!!!!!!!!!!!!! LOL!!! if u kno this giv me thumbs up!!

  10. i cant figure out the train robbery help me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! please!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  11. just stay at the back window and dont let em out of your sight

  12. i think poptropica is better than stardoll too! but i wish he could have finished the video!

  13. i have completed 8 islands so far and i am finishing my 9th island on poptropica.
    as you were saying poptropica is way better than stardoll. i think so to.

  14. yeah your totally right!

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