Posted by: dafster | February 2, 2011

Slowing Down, But Speeding Up

POST UPDATE (AGAIN!) Well, the website is no longer under construction, and as I wondered what it would look like as it loaded, all I got was this…

And as the people who’ve been on this blog before will know, this is exactly how it looked before…it would be good if that wasn’t the real update and they were just testing a few things or something, but I doubt that! I went on the timezone website and it said that at the moment it’s 6:00 am in Greenwich, England (GMT) and the sign on the blog a few minutes ago said that it would be updated at 11:00 PM GMT (Greenwich-England)…hmmmm…something’s strange here… that website might’ve been a little confusing, but it really get’s us thinking…

POST UPDATE: No the Rayman origins blog hasn’t been updated yet, but it will soon at 11PM GMT (Greenwich, England time) I just thought I’d let you know, with all this waiting with this Rayman stuff, I found a couple of websites that might interest you if you’re a Rayman fan. The first one’s Raywiki, an ENTIRE Rayman info site where you can find info about ANYTHING to do with Rayman. That’s where I got a lot of my information on this page. Click here to go to that website. The website adress is . The other website is Raytunes, a site which has all the music from the Rayman games on it, in high quality! To go to that website, click here. The website adress is . Anyway, here’s the main post if you haven’t read it yet…

Hey guys, I just wanted to tell you that I’m no longer posting about “Daily Pop!” sneak peaks.  I’m still gonna post when there’s new posts on the PCB, but the “Daily Pop!” is constantly getting updated, and I’m often busy, so I don’t always have the time to post about it. Anyway, that’s the bad news, and you may think that I’m starting to slow down with this blog until I stop all together. But let me tell you that that’s not the case. I’m actually gonna start blogging about other stuff too! You might know that every now and then I post about Rayman, but now I am officially posting about it every time there’s some news about it! I’ll probably actually change the site banner to Poptropica AND Rayman! (If you were looking at this blog from the beginning, you may have noticed I had a picture of my Poptropican, with a background from the Fairy Glade in “Rayman 2, The Great Escape”) Fortunately, for all you Rayman fans, (and I’m talking about all you people that are the fans of the ORIGINAL Rayman, though I’ve got something for Rabbid fans too!) I have some exciting news for you! Let’s see here…

1. Let’s start with some Rabbid news…a new rabbid game has been announced and confirmed for the Nintendo 3DS, It will be called “Raving Rabbids travel in time 3D” (So it’s pretty much a 3DS version of “Raving Rabbids Travel in Time” for the Wii)


Release date: TBA 2011

Platforms: 3DS (Obviously)

Genre: Platformer

Gameplay mode: Single player

And here are a few pics of the game…

American boxart

Japanese Boxart


The only screen-shot of the actual gameplay we have so far

Anyway, being the original Rayman fan I am, let’s move on to the Anti-Rabbid stuff…

So, as you may know, the Rayman games used to have no Rabbids in them. Then one day the game: “Rayman Raving Rabbids” came out, and that set off the Rabbids craze, every new Rayman game had the Rabbids in it, until they (apparently) got so popular, that they took Rayman out of his own games, which I think is pretty annoying, considering how annoying and crazy the Rabbids are. Fortunately for the people who have the same problem as me there, get good news…

2. A sort of new Rayman game is coming soon for the 3DS, titled: Rayman 3D. This will be a direct port from the Dreamcast version of Rayman 2, only the graphics will be improved and altered for the 3DS. (If they didn’t do that, then you might as well just play Rayman DS on your 3DS, and you wouldn’t tell the difference, but they have, so you WILL notice the difference.) We have a little more detail about Rayman 3D than Raving rabbids travel in time 3D.


Release date: 24th of March 2011

Platforms: Nintendo 3DS (Obviously)

Genre: 3D platformer

Gameplay mode: Single player

And here are a few pics of the game…

UK Boxart

German Boxart

North American boxart

Improved lighting screenshot “The Bayou”

Improved lighting screenshot of “The prison ship”

Sterioscopic 3D depth effect in “Whale Bay”

Remodelled keg shown in Fairy glade

It’s quite likely that many other objects will be remodelled too! Obviously Rayman 2 is Rabbid-Free

So, that’s all the news about Rayman 3D, but if you’re still not satisfied, then wait! There’s more!

3. Rayman origins is an upcoming NEW Rayman game! Although it’s 2D, it’s no remake of Rayman 1, or any other original Rayman games, it’s a BRAND NEW game! Rayman origins isn’t a SEQUEL but a PREQUEL to Rayman 1. It tells us the tale of how Rayman came in to the world in the first place. The graphics are very arty, as the game has been made with an arty source: Ubi-art, which will be an open source in 2011,  definitely a different style to Rayman 1. So, the details…


Release date: Spring 2011 (Greenwich, England time)

Platforms: PlayStation Network, X-box live arcade (iPad, 3DS, PC and WiiWare to be considered)

Genre: 2D Platformer

Gameplay mode: TBA

Unlike the other games I’ve mentioned in this post, I have a trailer for this one…

All the screenshots that have been released so far can be found in the trailer, so I’m not gonna bother posting them here. So, I know I’ve told you about this game before, but the main reason I was posting about it again was because of this:

This is what I found at the official Rayman origins blog. (  So what’s so good about that? Well, I’ve kept checking back at that blog, and they haven’t posted on it for AGES! They said that the game was meant to be released Christmas 2010 long before Christmas, and then ever since that post they didn’t post anything. I knew they’d have to post SOMETHING at Christmas when the game was meant to be released, but all we got was: “Still working on the game…more news in 2011!”. We now know that the game’s released has changed and is now Spring 2011, (Greenwich, England time) but ever since the “Still working on the game…more news in 2011” they haven’t posted…and it is now 2011. That’s why the above picture is significant. Because that means that at 11PM (Greenwich, England time) there will FINALLY be an update to the blog…maybe it might even be changed into more of a website appearance…who knows? We’ll just have to wait and see then, and when it has changed, I’ll post about it! But until then, see-ya!



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