Posted by: dafster | February 2, 2011

Crawfish goes swimming (Duh!)

Welcome back to the “Pointless posts” show with Captain Crawfish!

Tuesday, February 1, 2011


Hopefully, winter is treating you well so far. It is not treating all of the Poptropica Creators so well. We are covered in snow! It’s enough to make a salty old pirate daydream about taking a trip to the beach.

Mythology Island always has a warm and safe place to swim, under the watchful eye of Aphrodite.

When winter weather is this bad, I’d even rather deal with the Booga Shark! Of course, he does have a taste for crawfish…

I always prefer a rejuvenating dip in the waters of the Pirate Outpost. That’s how Captain Crawfish got his groove back!

Oh, wait: It’s still snowing outside. Drat.


Ptthst! Captain Crawfish can sail the seven seas, but when it comes to swimming, he needs to be supervised?





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