Posted by: dafster | January 25, 2011

Even more western stuff


It’s a little wild, and a little strange, when you make your home out on the range.

Pilot error

Different parts of scenes are made at different times, so we use stand-in characters when necessary.

Well that’s the western stuff, now for… cryptids?

Thursday, January 20, 2011


Things that go bump in the night

Well! It looks like I’m not the only one. We’re hearing a lot of chatter that Poptropicans who have ventured into Cryptids Island are finding it to be a pretty scary place. As an example…

This is the least creepy thing you’ll see in this house. 

Are you ready to set foot into the most frightening Poptropica Island yet? We hope to see lots and lots of you on Cryptids Island this weekend!


Seriously, even non-members know about that now! Who’s responsible for this?

Of course….Crawfish. King of pointless posts, master of things we already know.



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