Posted by: dafster | January 21, 2011

How to draw a Poptropican!

Hey guys, Dafster here, (obviously) and today I’m gonna show you how to draw a Poptropican in 11 steps! (Two of which are optional)

Step. 1: We’re gonna start by drawing a sideways oval

Step. 2:  Now add 2 small circles for the eyes. Make sure that one of them is bigger than the other!

Step. 3 (optional): If you want your Poptropican to have eyelids then draw a straight line through both of the eyes. This might look a bit odd now, but just wait until we erase bits of it later!

Step. 4: At two small black circles for pupils in the eyes. Smile! Add a mouth! Don’t forget to add teeth in the mouth! There are many different types of mouths on Poptropica, but to draw the one that I’ve done here, draw a sideways oval, then rub out a bit and change it, so it looks like this:

Step. 5: Now for some hair! You can draw whatever hair or hats you like in your drawing, I decided to go with a beanie!

Step. 6: Time to erase some detail! Erase the bits that I’ve erased bellow. And don’t forget to add some color!

Step. 7: There! We finished the head! Now for the body! To start the body draw an oval.

Step. 8: Now for the fun part! Clothes! I put a leather jacket and a psychedelic shirt in my drawing, but you can draw whatever you like!

Step. 9: The next two steps are easy! Arms…

Step. 10: …and legs!

You’re done! Unless you want to go even further by adding extra accessories to make look something like this:

There! All done! You may have noticed the tab at the top of the site which says… “How to draw…” I will be adding more things that I’ll show you how to draw there soon, so keep checking back there!



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  2. Hey dafster when will you put up a video for wimpy wonderland?

    • I have 😉

  3. yeah you think your so smart how come i draw all the clothes so cooly and straight!! ha ha ha!!!!

    • Probably coz you’re a good drawer…try drawing the Off the rails drawing that I did to take your skills to the test!

  4. ur really good at drawing

  5. You should have a walkthrough for nabooti island.

  6. I would rather draw mine

  7. i can’t draw the hair!!!!!:(

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