Posted by: dafster | January 20, 2011

More Western Stuff

(Yaaaawwwn) before we take a look at this western stuff let’s have a look at the latest PCB post…

Wednesday, January 19, 2011


On Cryptids Island, just like everywhere else on Poptropica, you can costumize a lot of different characters. But in some cases…

Yeesh! Why would you want to?



For a change the black Widow tells us something pointless instead of Captain Crawfish…anyway…here are the latest sneak peeks!


Cool Ranch

Giving you a new perspective on the next Poptropica island


Double Dos

This cactus looks lonely. Maybe it should stop being so prickly.


News flash: cacti don’t have feelings.

Sooner or later Captain Crawfish is gonna tell us that the name of the next island will be “Wild West” island like we didn’t already know that…so just be prepared!




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