Posted by: dafster | January 15, 2011

Captain crawfish with the latest news that we already new

Crawfish is back again to tell us stuff we already know…take it away!

Captain Crawfish: Yes well I bet you haven’t seen this before!

Friday, January 14, 2011

More tales from the Cryptids

Whether an ocean or a lake — or “loch,” as some call it — I’m always more comfortable on a boat than on land. But during my trip to Scotland in Cryptids Island, I was the passenger and not a captain. I even found time to take pictures.
Did I find proof of the Loch Ness Monster?


Dafster: Yep, been there done that, get a load of the picture I took!

Dafster: On second thoughts I won’t give it away. Next post!

Captain Crawfish: Righto, well I bet you haven’t done this!

Thursday, January 13, 2011

Tales from the Cryptids

Cryptids Island can be dangerous for an old salt like me. Sea legs I’ve got. Mountaineering arms, not so much. Good thing I found a guide to help me out.
Cryptids Island will be open to everybody next Tuesday, January 18!


Dafster: Yeah I have, and I took this photo:

Captain Crawfish: Grrrr…well take a look at this then, I bet you don’t know what sort of an island this is gonna be in!…


Jumping Jacks

Prototyping a card game for the next Poptropica island


Dafster: Yeah, I do, it’s gonna be in Wild West island!

Captain Crawfish: Wha? But…but…

Dafster: Sorry, times up!





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