Posted by: dafster | November 7, 2010

Super ultra extremely mega exciting PCB post and for once I’m not being sarcastic!

Brace yourself…

What is Daily Pop?

I’m not sure, but it’s coming soon!

captain crawfish

Now you’re probably thinking: “Drat! you’re being sarcastic about not being sarcastic for the first time which tricked me, though you’re often sarcastic and in short you were being sarcastic! That’s mean, I was getting excited!” Well, let me tell you in short, that I wasn’t being sarcastic. Because I KNOW what the daily Pop is! Well…sort of…

The good o’l Yahoo finance site, which I ahem, “ALWAYS” read, has the news! I’m gonna just pick out the important parts of the information instead of the “In May, 10.4m unique users visited 35m times, spending an average of 29 minutes blah blah blah” parts, ok? But if you actually seem interested in those parts then click here to read the whole thing.

So…first of all…

“I want to create the next Disney (NYSE: DIS – news) ,” says Jess Brallier. It is an outlandish statement, but in one area, the ebullient Boston-based author has beaten the Burbank entertainment empire. Poptropica, the “virtual world” Mr Brallier launched in 2007, has passed Club Penguin, a Disney site, to become the largest US children’s destination online, according to Quantcast.”

A “big cheese” comment, but what’s it got to do with the daily Pop? Hold on…the answers will come!

“Mr Kinney, who writes scripts for Poptropica with Mr Brallier’s son Max, is working on a Wimpy Kid island, and Mr Brallier says half of the islands on Poptropica may be branded in the next year.”

A Diary of a wimpy kid island? Whoa! Still awesome…but still has nothing to do with the daily Pop! Just wait!

“Poptropica will launch eight books with Penguin in 2012, Mr Brallier says. Poptropica is launching personalised pages, enticing players with daily quizzes and comic strips, and pitching the site as a new platform for comic syndicators, which he says are “petrified” by newspapers’ decline. “

And THAT is what I’m pretty sure, the daily “Pop!” is going to be about!



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