Posted by: dafster | October 29, 2010

What happens when you’re away for a week…

Whoa… steady on PCB! Too many new posts! Sorry, I haven’t been here to post about them, I was away for a week… so instead of showing them all here (which would take me about an hour) I’m just gonna let you click on the link!

Okay, now if you want to read the rest of this post then PLEASE click on the link first or you might not know what I’m talking about, ok?

SOOO… you know that post about the new island icon that appeared on the Poptropica homepage and then went? Well it’s NOT a rumor!!! Take it from me, I’ve even got the picture of it for you!

And NO that’s not a fake! You can look on other blogs and I assure you that if they have a picture, it WILL BE THE SAME!!!

…unless theirs is a fake.

So, a cryptid is apparently a creature that has never been found or been proven to exist. (eg: Loch-ness monster, Kraken, yeti etc)

But hang on…with all these pictures of houses, what’s cryptids got to do with it? I thought it would be called “Structure island”

Hmmm, it is possible the creators are working on 2 islands at once! What do you think? In other news, I left a few marks at the beach where I stayed for the last week. It said “Dafster was here” and another message saying “The REAL Dafster was here! Visit> Meet me before I leave Thursday!” Now, if anybody saw those messages, then comment on this post and answer the question “Where did I stay?” The first person to get it right gets a prize! Deal?



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