Posted by: dafster | September 24, 2010

A general store and a centerpiece

Two new posts from the Creators blog, here they are:

It’s a conversation piece

Imagine having something like this on display in your home. You’d need a pretty big house — not to mention money to burn!

What kind of bird is that, anyway?


Generally speaking

Great Pumpkin Island is coming very soon, but every day isn’t Halloween at Poptropica HQ. We’re working on more new Islands for you to enjoy, too!

Need proof?

My, that’s one fine looking general store. It reminds me of the lovely seaside resort towns I used to ransack on Skullduggery Island. Those were the days. Nowadays it’s all fences and gated communities.


Hmmm…with all the creators have said about this new island, it’s time to guess the name. Well with all the pictures with the buildings and that construction… I think it’s gonna be called…
…wait for it…
What do you think?
Oh, yeah, and what type of bird do you thinks that is?


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