Posted by: dafster | September 19, 2010

Rayman 3 trailer

Okay, so the Raving Rabbids may be a little fun, but they’re nothing compared to the original Rayman, here are some trailers for Rayman 3 and the upcoming Rayman origins:

Rayman 3:

Upcoming “Rayman origins”

Rayman origins will be divided into episodes that will be available to download. Episode 1 will be available in X-box live and other HD consoles for christmas. The Wii, PC, iPhone/iPod touch/ iPad are to be considered for next year, along with the rest of the episodes, so you’ll be able to have loads of fun playing it all through 2011! Rayman origins reveals how Rayman’s origins obviously, and how he came to be the hero he is today!



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