Posted by: dafster | September 17, 2010

Poptropica baby photos?

The latest PCB post shows us some Poptropica baby photos (early Poptropica designs) Ummmm… yeah… well here it is:

Poptropica’s embarrassing baby photos

Do your parents ever like to embarrass you by showing your baby pictures to your friends? Mine sure did, until I got even. Oh, did I get even…

Um, anyway, it turns out that Poptropica has some embarrassing baby photos of its own. You already know that when you start a new game, you can customize your Poptropican any way you’d like. It looks a little something like this.

Way back when we started planning Poptropica, we knew we wanted to let you customize your character. But, er, this is how we initially sketched it out.

Yikes! Of course, it was never meant to look this way for real. We just wanted to demonstrate how changing your character would work. Still… yeesh. I can’t believe we used to look like that. How embarrassing!


Well for starters, most baby photos look cute. And I can tell you now, that does… look cute! Well the new one anyway! So, let’s look at the differences: Well for starters, the main thing is the character. It’s pretty much just a cartoon sketch, the age selection thingy gives you selection up to the age: 8+, so I wouldn’t be able to say that I’m 13! And look, the theme color’s yellow! I’d MUCH rather blue! Blue is my favorite color, what about you?

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