Posted by: dafster | September 16, 2010


It’s that time of year, it’s Poptropica’s birthday! Today it turned 1! I mean 2! I mean 3! I mean…yeah, 3! So, what have the creators gotta say about this?

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Happy 3rd birthday, Poptropica!

Some of our agents may have already figured it out — it’s Poptropica’s third birthday this month!

To celebrate, we’re giving all Poptropica fans a chance to win a special, rare outfit. All you have to do is visit any common room between now and September 30, and look for the special blue balloon with a “3” on it.

Pop the balloon, and you win!

If you don’t see the birthday balloon this time, you can keep trying. Our 3rd birthday page has all the details.

And now, it’s time to party!


And the post before that:
Tuesday, September 14, 2010

3 is the magic number

Three blind mice, three musketeers, three stooges — the number 3 has an almost mystical power. That’s why we’ve got a surprise in store for Poptropica fans that we think will triple your Poptropica pleasure.

But what’s so special about the number 3 and Poptropica? We’ll give you one day, not three, to figure it out. Come back tomorrow for the announcement!


Well, I’ve been looking around, in and out for that balloon, and so far I haven’t found it! But, I know what it is, see that Poptropican in that, ummm, I’m not gonna say birthday suit, errm, well, see what I’ve circled in the pic bellow from the 3rd b-day page?
Yeah, well that’s what you get, you might even get something else, I’m not sure. Anyway, a few of you may have seen me in the common rooms, so hi to those people! But until we meet again, see you later!


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