Posted by: dafster | September 10, 2010

Steamworks island now available to non-members!

yep, it’s out for the non-members! Since i’ve already done it, I thought I could make another walkthrough, only since I know how to complete the island, it would be LOADS quicker!!! So here’s the post:

Thursday, September 9, 2010

Steamworks Island is now online!

Steamworks Island is now open to everybody!

Can you solve the mystery of this deserted Island? There’s only one way to find out!

Shark boy

So, stay tuned, I’m gonna upload the ENTIRE walkthrough in 1 video, VERY soon!!! In other news, the creators have changed the Poptropica map view! Check it here:

And look! A sneak preview for a new island! It appears to be called: Great Pumpkin island, and it’s about Charlie Brown/Snoopy!!! Check the sneak preview bellow:

Yeah, a Snoopy island would be cool as! Don’t you think?!



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