Posted by: dafster | August 28, 2010

Which house is best, and escaped? :)

2 new posts! That’s what i’m talking about!

Friday, August 27, 2010

House party

This week, we’ve shown you four different sketches of mansions. But only one will be able to make it into a new Poptropica Island. It’s so hard to decide which it should be. Let’s take another look:

Mansion 1
Mansion 2
Mansion 3
Mansion 4

Decisions, decisions…

Which one do you like the best? Vote in our poll on the sidebar!


At the moment the 2nd mansion’s winning! Yeah! That’s the one I voted for!

Steam Robot on the Loose!

Several Poptropicans have reported that a Steam Robot has recently escaped from Steamworks Island!

We have this image to show you what it looks like. Take a look in the Poptropican store. It may be hiding there.


Okay, possibly the weirdest costume so far, but anyway.



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