Posted by: dafster | August 18, 2010


New PCB post, don’t you love it how the creators love coffe?
Read post at bottom
Yeah! Crouching’s awesome, but check it out! It can jump! Let’s hope it can do more stuff than we know it does!
Piloting the mech around Steamworks Island is tons of fun! It also presents its own challenges, especially because of its size. Did you know that the mech can crouch, just as your Poptropican can?

Look at first picture at bottom

This can be helpful in many situations, especially against the Bolas plant.

Look at second picture at bottom

See? Duck, and the seed pods will sail safely over your head!

You can still use your weapon attachments from a crouching position.

Look at 3rd picture at bottom

Of course, when you’re ducking, you can only aim downhill.

What other neat things have you found to do with the mech?



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