Posted by: dafster | August 14, 2010

I finished Steamworks island!

Yup, the title says it all. I have finished steamworks island! So, I decided to give you all the COOL sneakpeaks! First of all, remember that post Captain crawfish posted about the Steamworks island map? Well, I’m gonna show you all the places now! Here’s the map with the places listed:

Okay, second sneak peak: remember those posts about the hub where we had to guess what that blue thing to the right was? Well I know. It’s a steam terminal. It makes the drawbridge go down if you have the right key. Here it is:

One other cool sneak peak: If you went to the Steamworks island promo page, then you would of seen that machine that that Poptropican was riding. Well that’s a mech, and you get to ride one! It’s really cool! See:

And now for the BIG question: Do I have the walkthrough? Answer: YES! It’s a video walkthrough, but I’ve only uploaded part 1. Here it is:

And here’s the video’s URL:

I’ll be posting the rest of the walkthrough soon, so keep your eyes open. (Unless you’re asleep.)



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