Posted by: dafster | August 13, 2010

Steamworks island Q and A

Okay, so I played Stemworks island and it’s DIFFERENT. As you probably knew, there’s no people in it. But it’s cool little island, er, I mean BIG island! It’s not as long as Skullduggery island, but it’s definitely the 2nd longest! Anyway, the 2 big questions:

Q.1: Do you have the walkthrough?
A: Almost. I’ll have it either by Saturday, or Sunday.

Q.2: Have you finished the island?
A: Almost. About 3 quarters of the sway through. I’m making the walkthrough as I go along, then I’ll cut out the bits where I’m figuring out what to do.

Q.3: Would you be the first to make a walkthrough?
A: I wouldn’t be first to make a video walkthrough, but I’m not sure about a written walkthrough.

Q.4: What’s the island goal?
A. There are lot’s of different goals, but the main goal is to find out where all of the people have gone. At the moment, my goal is to make machine that Sprocket’s creator made, go. (It’s that machine that you ride in on the steamworks info page) Anyway, I’ll get the walkthrough to you soon, but until then, goodnight.



  1. how do you get out of steamworks when you finish?

    • The same way you got in…just go backwards from the way you got in!

  2. steam works is so easy

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